The Elocate is EROAD’s hardware for Assets, Plant and Machinery. Built on the same platform as our EhuboLITE and Ehubo devices, the Elocate can either be positioned in vehicle or in waterproof housing.

It has the ability to connect to up to three I/O events for monitoring of asset utilisation.

The Elocate accurately measures distance travelled using a combination of internal and external sensors, running time of gear and engine hours.

The unit records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data from the asset via the cellular network to EROAD’s web-based application, MyEROAD.

Features and Specifications
  • Seven–year design life and meets highest automotive standards
  • LEDs to indicate power status and events
  • Secure, tamper–proof enclosure and hardware design
  • Modem to communicate data via the cellular network
  • Ability to operate in harsh transport environment in wide temperature band of -40°C to 120°C.
  • Ability to install and operate in concealed location
  • Environmental enclosure option available
    • Waterproof glass–reinforced nylon construction
    • Resistant to chemical and UV exposure
    • Auxiliary battery module and solar power options
    • Supports external GSM and GPS antennas.


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