Health & Safety – EROAD Re-torque Alerts


A major breakthrough in vehicle safety

EROAD re-torque alerts provide a seamless link between vehicles, drivers and tyre suppliers to keep our roads safer.

The tyre service provider can use the EROAD API to code their own system to manage the messaging – ensuring full integration with your operating procedures and customer SLAs.

For fleet managers and drivers:

EROAD alerts take all the guesswork out of when you need to re-torque wheels after a tyre change.

An automated message will go straight to the driver in their cab – appearing on the Ehubo2 screen.

This will let them know that a re-torque is needed and prompt them to complete the task as soon as possible. Fleet managers and despatchers are also notified on their MyEROAD software – to make sure that nothing is missed.

For tyre service providers:

Simplify SLA management, keep vehicles and roads safer, and reduce time and cost.

EROAD Re-torque Alerts take all the hassle out of managing manual, paper based, systems – and lets you set up automatic driver alerts that appear when the vehicle has completed a pre-set mileage after a tyre change.

You can set the mileage to your specifications – and the accuracy and reliability of the Ehubo2 makes sure the driver is advised, directly in-cab, at the exactly the right time.

Key Benefits


Wheel safety and tyre management innovation

A major improvement in ability to advise drivers and fleet managers to re-check the torque settings on wheels after a tyre change

Automated re-torque messages

Automatic messaging from tyre service providers direct to drivers and despatchers
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Manage all fleet sizes – no matter how large or small


Re-torque content can be labelled and personalised for different customer scenarios


Utilises the accuracy and reliability of the MyEROAD and Ehubo2 solution to ensure messages are sent to the right place at the right time

Key Features

Tyre service providers can use EROAD APIs when writing code to automate sending re torque notifications to fleets and drivers
Robust & scalable - thousands of notifications can be sent daily
Fluid information delivery and an integrated re-torque notification experience from service provider backend directly to operator’s backend (MyEROAD) and vehicles
Re-torque content can easily be labeled and personalised for different re-torque scenarios