Health & Safety – EROAD Driver Insight Report

EROAD Driver Insight Report

EROAD Driver Insight Report provides a smart, easy-to-read summary of driver-specific feedback, highlighting key areas for improvement. It makes it easier for you to empower your drivers to improve performance and to enhance safety across your fleet.


Key Benefits


Support driver training

A ready-to-use, one page summary of driver behaviour metrics which can be easily included into driver performance appraisals or as a tool for driver coaching

Improve safety

Key resource to improve and encourage safety across your fleet

Minimise risk

High-risk speeding locations and textual insights provide your drivers with specific guidance on how and where to improve

Save on fuel

Helps improve fuel efficiency with key metrics impacting fuel consumption including speeding, harsh braking, sharp acceleration and idling

Better data = better decisions

Your drivers have a huge impact on your company’s reputation and bottom line, but monitoring their performance is not always straightforward.

EROAD Driver Insight report provides your drivers with a summary of their driving performance and highlights areas for improvement. By identifying specific issues and key messages, it makes it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

A team of better, safer drivers is key to lifting your bottom line.


  • Summary of driver-specific feedback outlining key areas for improvement
  • Easy-to-understand one-page view for each driver supporting effective training
  • Covers speeding, harsh braking, engine idling, and other key measures
  • Traffic light colour coding highlights problem areas
  • Map shows risk areas where your drivers need to slow down
  • Shows trend over time to help measure improvements