How EROAD’s technology has allowed Hutt City Council to gain greater transparency of their vehicle fleet, resulting in significant gains in cost reduction and usage efficiencies

Business Need

In 2018, in the context of Hutt City Council’s carbon reduction target, and targets to reduce unnecessary costs, Council’s leadership identified the vehicle fleet as a potential area for improvement. But the Council needed specialist knowledge and independence to verify the opportunities for change, and savings, and to support the process. It engaged the services of fleet lifecycle consultancy OptiFleet to help with the task.


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Council sought an evidence-based solution and Optifleet offered a data driven solution. This was made possible by installing EROAD telematics units into the vehicles.

In addition, the Council’s fleet was audited against NZTA records to provide data on title, compliance, age, and distance travelled by each asset. The data was uploaded into OptiFleet’s vehicle register and was supported by an audit summary, which also included a series of recommendations and observations for future performance measurements. 

OptiFleet accessed Hutt City Council’s data via the EROAD GPS tracking fleet management system, to unlock demand, availability, pinpointing Electric Vehicle candidates and underutilised vehicles. GPS data is paramount in this process, as it allows for the reporting of actual vehicle use and the tools to develop recommendations based on facts and performance. 

OptiFleet was able to deliver a business case, based on a direct comparison ownership scenario (including service contracts and warranties) to mimic the lease lifecycles, and the terms were developed to meet the Council’s needs. This proved ownership was more economical and flexible than leasing, which has now been adopted by the Council. OptiFleet conducted a GPS market review and developed a recommendation which considered the benefits of using EROAD’s technology, either the Ehubo1 or the Ehubo2.

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Customer Benefit

Hutt City Council management, now has more transparency, is well informed, and has a series of recommendations to transform their fleet, its management and administration practices. 

The Council fleet went from 1 to 10 Electric Vehicles, with the goal of 15 before the end of 2020. 

New vehicles will be selected, that are more efficient, safer and more cost effective over their lifecycle. Electrification of the fleet will help to deliver against the strong sustainability mantra within the council. Both aspects of this work are delivering strong economic benefits to the Council. 

EROAD’s Ehubo2 technology has allowed Hutt City Council to gain greater transparency of their vehicle fleet. The increase in the depth of data, has resulted in significant gains in cost reduction and usage efficiencies. Plus, there is the bonus of an integrated Pool Booking system, where three out of the four sites now have all vehicles housed and these can be booked only when needed.

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