Vehicle Tracking Helped Fuel Growth For Jim Pearson Transport

Vehicle Tracking Helped Fuel Growth For Jim Pearson Transport

EROAD Customer Jim Pearson Transport has been using EROAD telematics (formerly SmartTrack) in their prime mover trucks for over two decades. Aron Robinson, Contracts Manager at Jim Pearson’s, says the company has chosen to continue with EROAD due to the product and service provided.

In 2001, Smart Track was the only telematics solution in Australia that offered live GPS vehicle tracking, giving Jim Pearson a competitive advantage. This helped the company to expand its business by securing contracts with major customers such as Woolworths and Coca Cola. Over the past 22 years, Jim Pearson Transport has grown from having only four prime movers to a fleet of more than 600 prime movers and trailers, including around 150 refrigerated units.

“EROAD was instrumental in helping us attract business partners, in the early 2000’s most competitors had to ‘Ping’ their trucks for a location. Smart Track offered live tracking and helped us secure new business as we moved into the telematics world.”

Taking customer service to the next level

Jim Pearson Transport are proud of the quality of their customer service and they’ve used EROAD’s solutions help them to maintain this.

EROAD’s route mapping and GPS data integrates with Jim Pearson’s Transportation Management System and in-house dashboards to help them deliver predictive ETAs that they can share with customers to keep them informed on expected delivery times.

Providing predictive ETAs in this way for deliveries and pick-ups has enabled Jim Pearson’s to take their customer service to the next level.

The success of Jim Pearson Transport and their long-standing partnership with EROAD is a testament to the quality and reliability of the EROAD telematics solution. The combination of product and service provided by EROAD has enabled Jim Pearson Transport to remain competitive and continue to grow their business over the years.

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