JRK Drainage and Roading Contractors Ltd

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JRK Drainage and Roading Contractors Ltd

Jim and Karen’s company builds roads in the forest as well as doing roading and drainage work on farms.

EROAD saves us having to purchase large amounts of Road User Charges at one time. The system is pre-programmed to automatically purchase Road User Charges every 1000km. It allows for simple and effective off-road claims – it’s so easy.

For our heavy haulage operation, it allows us to buy supplementary kms on site according to the size of machine we are carrying, rather than running around on maximum weight stickers all the time.

The GPS tracking system allows instant location of the nearest truck so we can divert it to carry a load as required. The system also monitors trucks for safety purposes while in our forests.

Jim Brookes

It saves drivers having to check Road User Charges and pre-plan the purchase... and it saves me rushed trips to the Post Office at 4:55pm to buy more when they get it wrong… fabulous!

Karen Brookes
JRK Drainage and Roading Contractors Ltd

Industry: Construction and Civil Contracting
Company: JRK Drainage and Roading Contractors Ltd

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