John Newell Transport

Ageing RUC Star
John Newell Transport

John Newell hasn’t looked back since he swapped dairy farming for life on the road eleven years ago. A one-man operation, John carts produce between Hamilton and Rotorua.

This is business made easy. The biggest problem for me is that I don’t know exactly what my load will be from day to day when I arrive at the depot at 4am in the morning. I’m hauling fruit and veges usually to the markets and supermarkets, so the load weight can vary a lot.

Now I have access to a computer at the depot in Hamilton and I can purchase supplementary RUC on-line quickly and easily. I often get backloads from Rotorua to Hamilton with little warning. Having EROAD means that I just pay more RUC when I need to use it. If I get a load to take back, I can simply buy supplementary RUC using EROAD.

John Newell
John Newell Transport

Industry: Container Transport
Company: John Newell Transport
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