Simplifying fatigue management

We’ve made it easy for Drivers to comply with the logbook rules and regulations.

EROAD Day Logbook supports drivers to keep on top of their work or rest hours, through either Android or iOS devices. It’s just easier managing time proactively when all it takes is a few clicks or swipes, with automated alerts as reminders.

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Accuracy you can rely on to make mundane tasks really easy to do ​

We’ve reduced the administrative burden of managing driver compliance. EROAD Day Logbook simplifies record keeping and provides investigative tools that examine the driver's workday. Have more confidence in your compliance with an efficient workflow to manage driver violations as well as an accurate record of your actions to resolve them. 


Taking the time out of tasks

Pair it with EROAD’s Inspect, so your drivers can complete their ‘paperwork’ quickly, easily and through their chosen Android or iOS device.

With EROAD Day Logbook, you will be able to:

NZ Day Logbook icon 1Intuitively capture work and rest hours
Using a secure authenticated login

NZ Day Logbook icon 2Proactive alerts and traffic light indicators
Makes complying with the logbook rules and regulations easy

NZ Day Logbook icon 3Ability to display and email logbook data
To support roadside inspections as required

NZ Day Logbook icon 4Ensure the driver remains on top of their responsibility for health and safety compliance with a seamless link to EROAD Inspect

NZ Day Logbook icon 5Easily accessed
Available for both iOS and Android, and viewable on smartphone or tablet

MyEROAD Dashboard100pxView logbook violation insights and trends
On an easy-to-understand dashboard.

NZ Day Logbook icon 6Confidence, given it’s NZTA approved

Key Benefits​       

Enables driver self-management:
Encourage drivers to take a proactive approach to managing their own time​ 

Simplifies fatigue management:
Alerts and traffic light indicators help drivers to comply with the logbook rules and regulations​ 

Ensures a high level of compliance: ​
Provides proof of compliance with an efficient workflow to manage driver violations ​ 

Easily examine driver’s workday:
The web-based platform provides investigative tools to examine the driver's logbook ​


  • Superior cellular and GPS wireless performance
  • EROAD Day Logbook is an app for drivers and a cloud-based administration platform
  • The app simplifies fatigue management, by enabling drivers to capture work and rest hours via smartphone or tablet.
  • The web-based platform provides investigative tools to examine the driver's workday
  • Efficient workflow to manage driver violations, their resolution, and who actioned the result
  • Visibility of hours worked each day, and each work period to support the management of fatigue and work schedules
  • Fleet Manager access to driver records provides oversight to ensure that NZTA record keeping requirements are being met

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EROAD Day Logbook operates stand-alone from the Ehubo, available on both iOS and Android.

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When it comes to technology, driver buy-in matters

"EROAD Day Logbook was easy going from rest, to drive, to on-duty. I find the system so easy to use."

- Deane Satherley, Driver, TIL

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