EROAD Automated Off-road Claims

EROAD Automated Off-road Claims simplifies the refund process, eliminating paper and allowing you to receive your refunds faster.

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Key Benefits

  • Save time
    Removes paper and administrative time from the claims process
  • Improve profitability
    Makes it easy to claim all the refunds you’re owed, and delivers refunds faster
  • Save costs
    Submit RUCOR forms electronically with the click of a button, at no extra charge

Faster, paperless refunds

Monitoring your vehicles’ off-road travel, and printing and mailing RUCOR (road user charges off-road refund) forms is complicated and time consuming. EROAD’s electronic RUC solution automates the process, saving you time and money.

EROAD has developed a proprietary electronic map layer, supplemented by a sophisticated geofence tool, to support off-road calculations. Off-road travel can now easily be recorded to increase your off-road refunds and improve your cash flow.

As soon as a RUC licence expires, EROAD's mapping engine automatically determines off-road travel that is not subject to RUC; for example travel on a private road or within a depot.

Our web-based application MyEROAD automatically generates accurate off-road reports and allows you to electronically verify and submit your claims to NZTA, avoiding paper hassle and postage.

NZ 600x300 Renwick Haulage

“As an owner driver I need to save on costs. Since I have had EROAD in my truck I have found that it is amazing how much off-road RUC I have never claimed for. It is so easy to use and cost effective - a very useful tool for my business.”

Rob Renwick,
Renwick Haulage


  • Automatically calculates off-road travel distance and estimated refunds
  • Automatically generates RUCOR claim forms
  • Electronically submit RUCOR claim forms to NZTA
  • Improves cash flow and frequency of off-road refunds
  • Archives RUCOR claims to help meet legal compliance

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