EROAD Virtual Speed Camera

EROAD’s Virtual Speed Camera helps to keep the public and your drivers safe by enabling you to set custom speed limits around high risk locations. Geofence key areas of risk such as your depot or local schools and receive notifications in real time if one of your drivers exceeds a speed limit you’ve set. Protect your safety record, reputation and bottom line.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve visibility
    Monitor vehicle speeding in high risk locations such as school zones, ports or company depots, where reducing speed is necessary to ensure the safety of the public, your staff and customers
  • Provide timely feedback
    Notifications ensure the fleet manager is aware immediately when speed is exceeded – and can deliver timely feedback to the driver
  • Support driver training
    EROAD Over Speed Dashboard includes Virtual Speed Camera events, enabling you to monitor speeding for use in health and safety meetings or during driver training

Focus on safety

An easy way to improve driver awareness of speed and reduce the risk of speeding events is to pinpoint key risk areas for your fleet.

EROAD has developed a powerful tool that allows you to create geofences around areas of risk and set your own safe operating speed for your fleet. With our Virtual Speed Camera, you can encourage extra care around risk areas such as customer sites, loading zones, highway sections with bad roadway geometry, and school areas. If one of your vehicles exceeds the limit you’ve set within that area, you receive a real-time notification and can address it with the driver in a timely fashion.


"We have a number of schools in Hokitika and some of the young kids tend to walk out on the road. EROAD’s Virtual Speed Camera encourages drivers to be more vigilant around these areas. For the first few days that we used it, I was receiving speed alerts for 52-53kms. That’s now dropped to 50kms. So the drivers are certainly slowing down and keeping to the speed limit."

Gradon Conroy,
Director, Design Windows


  • Create a Virtual Speed Camera by setting customised speed limits on sites of interest using our smart geofence capability
  • Email notifications delivered in real time when vehicle exceeds the custom set speed limit
  • Virtual Speed Camera events are reported in the Over Speed Dashboard for ongoing monitoring and visibility of events
  • View high-risk locations to support driver training with the Driver Insight Report that captures drivers exceeding the Virtual Speed Camera limit

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Safety in numbers

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