EROAD Inspect

EROAD Inspect gives you confidence your fleet is safe, capturing defects with your tablet or smart phone, and providing transparent, traceable and real-time vehicle inspection information.

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Key Benefits

  • Absolute transparency
    Know exactly what defects exist in your fleet
  • Accurate traceability
    Demonstrate your health and safety procedures with proof of inspections and resolution of defects
  • Reduced time to resolution
    Manage defects the second they are submitted
  • Clear communications
    Reduce confusion and increase driver engagement with real-time visibility for drivers of defect status

Get closer to your fleet 

Tracking vehicle defects using paper or spreadsheets can be time consuming and prone to human error. EROAD Inspect makes it easy by capturing defects on a mobile device with configurable templates, and displaying them in real time on the Defect Board – ready for you to take action.

Having safe work practices in place is not enough - you need to be able to provide proof of compliance with health and safety obligations. Inspect Reports capture the original inspection record, along with its resolution, and show who actioned each item.

With Inspect drivers can be confident the defects they raise are being actioned. They can see existing defects on the vehicles they’re inspecting, any comments added by the office, and the status of defects they have previously raised.


Inspect Depot

  • Configurable templates allow you to create inspections that match your vehicle or asset 
  • Defect Board enables you view, prioritise and action reported defects
  • Inspect Reports capture what defects were identified, their resolution, and who certified the result

Inspect Mobile App

  • Guided experience walks you through the inspection
  • Capture defect details with up to three photos and a message – visible in Defect Board and reports
  • Be informed of outstanding defects of the vehicle you’re about to inspect, along with the status of defects you’ve previously raised
  • Available on tablets and phones for both Android and iOS

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Safety in numbers

Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully.

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