EROAD Service and Maintenance

EROAD Service and Maintenance simplifies vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours, plus a full service history archive. This solution provides tools you need to operate a compliant fleet, it provides the ability to reduce fleet downtime and operating costs, and has the capability to drive vehicle health insights.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduced fleet downtime
    Keep your vehicles on the road by reducing the risk of breakdowns and associated drop in productivity
  • Tools to operate a compliant fleet
    A well-maintained fleet helps you meet health and safety compliance and minimise risk
  • Reduce vehicle operating cost
    Stay on top of vehicle maintenance with automated service scheduling, avoiding the need for unforeseen repairs
  • Drive vehicle health insights
    Provides insights to help make informative vehicle life cycle decisions

Maintain a healthy fleet

Accountability and transparency around your vehicle maintenance is an essential part of operating a successful operation. Vehicle defects can cause delay from breakdowns or be placed out of service from failing a roadside inspection.

Maintenance and repairs are also a significant component of your business expenses. Scheduling periodic and systematic vehicle inspections helps to keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills.

EROAD's comprehensive Service and Maintenance Solution improves visibility and planning of your fleet's service and maintenance needs, to ensure you are operating a compliant fleet.


"EROAD fleet tracking is fantastic but where we’re increasingly seeing benefits is in reporting. With servicing, for example, it’s starting to build a picture that helps us make decisions about vehicle replacement, based on factors like fuel economy and repair costs. It’s creating more and more information that’s really beneficial to our fleet."

Glenn Coughlan,
National Operations Manager, Crown Relocations


"We’ve got two businesses and three workshops and we can see what’s happening across all of them, on one screen, thanks to EROAD.

It makes servicing that many vehicles much simpler and using an automated system rather than manual we know we’re on track, and there’s no risk of human error."

Paul McCurdy,
Operations Manager, McCurdy Engineering


  • In-cab engine hours meter that mirrors the engine hours meter in Depot
  • Tools to easily surface the right service and maintenance information required in one table. Customisable service workspaces and the ability to switch between workspaces
  • Supplier details tracking functionality, that enables operational insights and a deeper understanding of the type and volume of work. The ability to assign default suppliers to the groups functionality and foundational tracking on the performance of suppliers
  • Notifications for vehicle service alerts including COF, WOF and rego
  • Periodic and custom service scheduling by date and/or distance
  • Ability to record supplier, service details, costs, invoice number and details, and unforeseen service events such as emergency repair work
  • Service history reports by vehicle, date and/or category of service
  • Ability to provide service suppliers with web access to selected vehicles and fleets
  • Full service history archive functionality

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Safety in numbers

Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully.

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