EROAD Historical Daily Fleet Activity

EROAD Historical Daily Fleet Activity report provides a complete record of daily vehicle activity to help you monitor fleet activity and meet agreed customer service levels.

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Key Benefits

  • Best data
    Provides a complete historical record of daily vehicle activity so you can ensure trips are completed on schedule, work is completed on time, and vehicles are at the correct location
  • Meet customer service levels
    Provides a PDF record of vehicle activity that is available to share with customers as a proof of work completion to assure them that SLAs are being met
  • Minimize risk
    A highly accurate and reliable record of vehicle activity in case of disputes resolution with a customer or third party such as a port or airport

Improve customer confidence

Managing a fleet of vehicles is an exercise in consistently maximising the value of work undertaken, day in, day out. Historical Daily Fleet Activity report provides a detailed record of vehicle events, allowing you to monitor and optimise work completed. It also provides a reliable record of activity which can be used to provide customers with proof that the job has been accomplished.

A map view of the journey alongside a list of significant events allows you to walk through previous day’s trips from first ignition on to ignition off to support investigation of enquiries into a vehicle’s activity.

"We’ve found the EROAD system magic for our business. It’s easy to use and a really good business tool. It lets me see how trip times and load/unload times compare with what I’ve quoted and I can use that information to ensure my pricing’s accurate. If there are delays during unloads, I can show the impact on my business."

Tony Pye,
Tony Pye Cartage Contractors



  • Click through driving events in a vehicle’s day to recreate the day’s activity
  • Ability to export PDF view of equipment activity available, providing proof of activity, input into billing and operator feedback or coaching
  • Complete event-by-event view of asset and auxiliary equipment activity, including the ability to filter and view equipment ‘On’ and ‘Off’ events

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Safety in numbers

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