EROAD GeoAlerts

GeoAlerts is a feature of EROAD’s GPS tracking solution that enables you to automatically send messages to drivers based on their location. These alerts are targeted using geofences and are highly configurable, enabling them to be used to deliver a wide range of safety and efficiency benefits.

As a fleet manager, once you have created a geofence in MyEROAD, you can use it to trigger an alert that will appear on the interface of the Ehubo2 in-vehicle telematics device - enabling you to send important messages to drivers based on their location. The messages can be safety related or general communications.

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Key Benefits

  • WARN DRIVERS of approaching hazardous zones and more
  • SEND TIMELY ALERTS to communicate instructions or re-route your drivers
  • PEACE OF MIND for both fleet managers and drivers

Geofence Triggered Alerts

As an example, by creating a geofence around low clearance bridges, you can use EROAD GeoAlerts to send a warning message to drivers of tall trucks or high vehicles to avoid the area and seek an alternate route. These alerts can even be targeted so they only appear for specific vehicle types - for example mobile cranes.

GeoAlerts also supports EROAD Share, so you can be sure your entire fleet is able to receive an alert. 


  • Safety messages
    Important warnings for example low bridges; level crossings; or school zones. These types of messages will show while the vehicle is moving and can make an optional audible alert.
  • General communications
    Letting drivers know they are entering an area where certain instructions need to be followed; providing health & safety information; or customer specific information like an access code.

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