EROAD wins prestigious Brake Fleet Safety Product Award

EROAD has been announced as the winner of the Fleet Safety Product Award for 2018 by Brake - the road safety charity.  

Health and Safety is something we take very seriously at EROAD and we have a major focus on working with our customers to create safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer roads. A high standard of driving across your fleet doesn’t just protect your business’s reputation and improve your bottom line, it protects your drivers and can reduce incidents and accidents. 

With that in mind we were delighted to be recognised last week as the winners of Australasia’s most prestigious fleet safety award from Brake – the road safety charity. 

The Fleet Safety Awards recognise the achievements of those working to help reduce the number of road crashes involving at-work drivers. This award acknowledges the positive impact that the EROAD Ehubo2 in-vehicle telematics solution can have to help create safer drivers, vehicles and roads. 

As an EROAD customer you can get the benefit of our focus on safer drivers and vehicles every day – through the in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching provided by our Ehubo devices, the reporting and analysis we provide through our MyEROAD desktop application, and of course our vehicle inspection applications. 


Promoting better, safer driving

The award winning Ehubo2 from EROAD, combined with MyEROAD software delivers a single, consistent platform for your drivers. You can monitor live vehicle and driver behaviour and deliver coaching and scoring to a driver directly in-cab – in real-time.

Let us help you create a safer working environment for your drivers - and better outcomes for your business.

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Safety in numbers

Our customers rely on the accurate and reliable information our platform delivers to their fingertips. They use this data to make decisions that make their business run faster, safer and more successfully.

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