The complete fleet and asset management solution for Civil Contracting and Construction

EROAD’s world class telematics solution for the civil sector delivers safe operators and productive assets.

  • Full visibility over all your assets, vehicles and auxiliary equipment.
  • Accurate, reliable and easy to use technology that works in the field.
  • Improve fleet productivity and utilisation through access to advanced data insights.
  • Simple Electronic RUC solutions easing cashflow and claim of Off Road refunds.
  • Industry leading safety solution to protect your business and team.
  • Cost-effective asset management with smart service scheduling and vehicle inspections.
  • Proof of service to build strong, sustainable customer relationships.
  • Excellent support from our friendly New Zealand team.

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EROAD delivers total visibility and connectivity

Simplifying the complexity of fleet and asset management through an accurate and reliable single source of truth.

Fleet and Asset Productivity

Full visibility and tracking of all vehicles and assets to maximise utilisation and productivity

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Health & Safety Management

A comprehensive suite of technology and tools to improve driver safety, behaviour and performance

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Customer Experience

An accurate and detailed on-site monitoring, proof of service reporting and contract compliance solution

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Accurate Data and Insights

Accurate and insightful reporting, including industry benchmarking, through a single source of truth

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Simplifying Compliance

A complete solution for tax, regulatory and health and safety management, including electronic RUC

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"EROAD has so far brought down our over-speed events from approximately 25,000 a month to about 1200. It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20% and accident incident rates by 20%"

Simon Batchelor
Fleet & Procurement Manager, McConnell Dowell

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One solution – Simplifying the complex

The complete fleet management solution for Civil Contracting & Construction