Product Releases Quarter 3, 2021

Product Releases Quarter 3, 2021

EROAD continues to develop and enhance the hardware, software and services we provide to fleets across New Zealand, Australia and North America. Find out about the latest enhancements to our product offering below.

1 December 2021 

Overspeed report and speed investigation tools

Overspeed report

EROAD has launched a new integrated Overspeed Report to Map experience, that allows you to jump straight from a speeding session in the new Overspeed Dashboard, to the location of the speeding event in the Map.

Previously, trying to understand how a speeding event occurred was quite time consuming. It required going from the Overspeed Report to Google Maps, to Street View, looking around, going back to the Map, finding the vehicle, going to the event log, finding the right event etc.

With the new experience, you can go from the Power BI Overspeed Report directly to the same speeding event on the new Map (by clicking on the Go to Map link) where you will be able to see data related to the speeding event, including the vehicle speed, posted road speed, vehicle type and the conditional road speed. You can see this data for every event, and by moving through these events you can easily understand how the vehicle’s speed and road speed changed over time, and the context in which the speeding event occurred. For example, did a speed zone transition occur and the vehicle didn’t slow down in time? Was it persistent speeding over a period? Was there a school or built-up area? We have made it easier for you to investigate speeding events and see the behaviour before and after the event.


Investigate and manage overspeed events with ease

23 November 2021

EROAD Inspect gets a revamp

EROAD Inspect

EROAD Inspect, the mobile app that lets you carry out pre-and post-trip vehicle inspections digitally with ease, has had a makeover. We have updated the user interface to provide you with a better user experience and taken the opportunity of the rebuild to make the app more stable and secure.

The updated version of the EROAD Inspect app is also backward compatible. So, if you have been using the previous version of the app, your user credentials and data from previous inspection sessions will come across to the new version automatically. Simply update the app, sign in and you’re good to go. First time users of the app will need to login using a username or PIN.

To take advantage of the enhancements and fresh new interface, we recommend that you update your EROAD Inspect App to the latest version.

Updating the EROAD Inspect App

  • If you have the automatic update feature enabled on your smart device, the update will happen automatically
  • If automatic updates is turned off in your device settings, then you will need to manually update the App by going to the relevant app store (links below), and tapping Update.


Download EROAD Inspect

26 October 2021

Cloud Video + Telematics in a single device

EROAD Dashcam

We have expanded our flagship video telematics portfolio with EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam. The newest model in our Clarity Dashcam range, it combines cloud video + telematics in a single cost-effective device and offers fleets a new option to gain video protection and telematics information in one easy-to-install, high-performance, compact device. Clarity Solo provides an intuitive method for drivers to log on using NFC tags, and fleet managers can now request video straight from the MyEROAD map vastly simplifying the entire retrieval process.

Tired of spending money on multiple technologies in your company vehicles? Don’t need a tethered solution? Then Clarity Solo is the product for you, a Dashcam device that is loaded with telematics capability providing your company with a one stop solution, rich telematics data and high-definition video telematics.

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