Product Releases Quarter 2, 2021

Product Releases Quarter 2, 2021

EROAD continues to develop and enhance the hardware, software and services we provide to fleets across New Zealand, Australia and North America. Find out about the latest enhancements to our product offering below. 

Flagging video clips as restricted content in MyEROAD Replay

MyEROAD Replay now supports the ability to flag content as restricted.

MyEROAD Dashcam users and Client Administrators can restrict video clips that, for whatever reason, are considered sensitive or legally confidential.

Only Client Administrators can view and unrestrict restricted clips.

Restricting a clip is very easy and can be done via the Clips view, or Event Details view of Replay:

Clips view


Event Details view


Content marked restricted will appear as below in Clips view
No thumbnails are displayed, and all data is greyed out.

MyEROAD Seeing Machines Video Integration

EROAD has integrated Seeing Machines’ Guardian safety technology into MyEROAD, to provide operators with a single interface for managing video telematics.

  • One platform to access total fleet video and data if generated by a Guardian camera or EROAD hardware
  • Guardian video footage and event data is available to view within MyEROAD Replay
  • EROAD Clarity video footage and event data is available within the same screen
  • Seamlessly move between vehicles to check video or event triggers, regardless of whether EROAD Clarity Dashcam or Guardian DMS cameras are installed
  • Side-by-side video available if EROAD Clarity and Guardian DMS hardware exists in a single vehicle
  • Simplified, clean, easy, user experience for all fleet insights
  • EROAD Clarity Dashcam is a complementary product to allow affordable adoption of video telematics across whole of fleet
  • One platform to allow improved driver coaching and recording utilsing video footage
  • Integration occurs through API key available from Seeing Machines or distributor and EROAD
  • Vehicles fitted with Guardian DMS hardware DO NOT have to be fitted with EROAD hardware to be visible in MyEROAD

Communicate easily with your drivers

An all-new Messaging experience making it easier for fleet managers to communicate safely with a driver or whole of fleet.

Key features:

  • Easily manage messaging across your entire fleet from one place
  • Drivers receive messages safely via the in-cab Ehubo2
All-new Messaging experience

Are you ready to BookIt?

EROAD BookIt, our newly enhanced pool booking platform, makes it easy to manage vehicles and bookings on the go, whether you’re an administrator or a user.

A shared fleet reduces capital expenditure and your carbon footprint – but coordinating it can be hard work. EROAD BookIt is designed to remove the administrative burden while enabling actionable insights around fleet utilisation and managing costs.


We’ve launched MyEROAD, a powerful new cloud-based platform

MyEROAD enables you to access all of the products you love in Depot, but through a new experience, with lots of benefits.

Key benefits:

  • Our new platform makes the mobile experience better! Optimised to work on any device, the pages load faster, and you don’t have to login as often.
  • It also boasts an all-new Messaging experience making it easier for fleet managers to communicate safely with a driver or whole of fleet.
  • The new collapsible navigation means you can easily find and navigate to the products to manage your fleet effectively.

EROAD Analyst

EROAD’s new suite of premium data products EROAD Analyst transforms data into opportunity. Representing the first stage of EROAD’s data strategy, these products focus on improving customer access to data. Providing connection to an always up-to-date data set accessed through modern visualisation and analytics tools.

EROAD Analyst Power BI Integration automates much of the work required to derive intelligence from fleet data. Create customised dashboards of your fleet’s location, logbook, fuel and more to drive fast and intelligent insights into your business.

Key features:

  • Pre-built and configured integration lets you pull EROAD data into Power BI quickly and easily.
  • Access six months of historical data on location, logbook, fuel, and more.
  • Simply connect EROAD to Power BI and start generating reports and delivering insights.
  • Easily refresh reports with updated data—no requests to EROAD and no collecting data from spreadsheets.
EROAD Analyst

Access in your own data warehouse environment

EROAD Analyst Enterprise Data Connector gives your Analytics Team instant access to raw fleet data to clean and extract actionable insights for your business.

Key features:

  • Built in Snowflake for reliable and fast integration
  • Access all your EROAD data historically up to 3.5 years
  • Remove the need for regular and manual extracts of fleet data
snowflake logo

MyEROAD Dashcams

Dashcams enables a single-view of all dashcams in an organisation via our powerful cloud-platform MyEROAD. The new enhancement means fleet managers can now easily Assign or Unassign dashcams to/ from a vehicle, or Re-assign a dashcam from one vehicle to another when applicable. Simplying the dashcam install and management process.


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