Product Releases Quarter 1 2021

Product Releases Quarter 1 2021

EROAD continues to develop and enhance the hardware, software and services we provide to fleets across New Zealand, Australia and North America. Find out about the latest enhancements to our product offering below.

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance – Repair Management

MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance simplifies repair management for your fleet. Enabling service workshops and fleets to better collaborate on vehicle defects. When a defect is reported by drivers via the EROAD Inspect App, that defect can be cloned from the Inspect board into the MyEROAD Service Module allowing for continuous tracking and updates throughout the different stages up until the defect is resolved.

Key Features:

  • Easily clone detailed defects from EROAD Inspect into MyEROAD
  • Defects are visible by severity (safe to drive, not safe to drive, attention)
  • Visibility of latest inspection day and if an inspection has not been completed
  • Mark vehicles as BOOKED for service and repair work (Coming soon)
  • Export all reported defects to .CSV (Coming soon)

EROAD Day Logbook – Driver Timesheets

EROAD Day Logbook customers can now view and export their driver timesheets via MyEROAD. Giving Fleet Managers an overview of their drivers’ total Drive, Work and Rest hours, they can drill down to see individual shifts and notes for each driver. Filter timesheet reports to include only information that is relevant to you and export easily to .CSV.

Key features:

  • A birds eye view of drivers’ total Drive, Work and Rest hours
  • Drill down to see individual shifts and notes for each driver
  • Create filtered timesheet reports
  • Export historically up to one month of timesheet data to .CSV

EROAD Clarity Dashcam & MyEROAD Replay

Designed to help improve safety; enabling coaching and prevention, and in cases where an accident has happened, proof of facts. Made for the EROAD ecosystem, the EROAD Clarity Dashcam combines full HD video with accurate telematics data. Comprising of an in-cab dual-facing dashcam and a web portal interface called MyEROAD Replay. The dashcam records from the moment the engine is turned on, storing up to 40 hours of high-resolution footage for historical viewing. Integrated with the Ehubo2, so when a triggered event occurs (speeding, harsh breaking, or sharp cornering) a 20 second video capture is sent to MyEROAD Replay for review.

EROAD Clarity Dashcam Key features:

  • Fully integrated with MyEROAD, our cloud-based fleet management portal
  • Rugged, tamper-proof, and purpose-built for extreme conditions and temperatures
  • Automatic ON with ignition so your driver can’t forget
  • Automatically record 20-second video clips triggered by harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering and upload to the cloud – no driver action required
  • Manually send video to the cloud using a dash-mounted push button (kit included)
  • Continue recording when out of coverage; automatically upload when back in range

MyEROAD Replay Key features:

  • Automatically send triggered video clips to MyEROAD and notify the fleet manager
  • Reliably retrieve footage post-incident for up to 40 hours of previous drive time
  • Quickly click between footage, your event logbook, and vehicle maintenance information to expedite investigations
  • Easily share video with third parties, including law enforcement and insurance claims adjustors
  • Collect driver notes, behaviour reports, footage, and photographs for high-impact coaching and driver rewards
  • Tag clips to streamline your driver coaching workflow (“to be coached” or “coached”; “to review” or “reviewed”)

EROAD Day Logbook V.1.1.2

We are continuing to add new features to the new EROAD Day Logbook (iOS and Android). The latest release speeds things up for your drivers by auto-filling the address entries for you as you type, and significant improvements to the app start-up speed. We encourage your drivers to download the latest version on their mobile devices from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) to take advantage of this update.

Key features:

  • UX enhancement making the app easier to use
  • Further start-up performance improvements
  • Now validates vehicle rego
  • Review Day screen more detailed
  • Notification prompts at the end of each rest period

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