Introducing geofence triggered alerts

Introducing geofence triggered alerts

EROAD’s new GeoAlerts feature lets you send targeted, customisable messages to your drivers, supporting you to improve compliance and safety across your fleet.

We’re excited to announce the launch of EROAD GeoAlerts. Part of EROAD’s GPS tracking solution, GeoAlerts enable you to automatically send messages to drivers based on their location. The alerts are targeted using geofences and are highly configurable, enabling them to be used to deliver a wide range of safety and efficiency benefits.

Improve fleet safety and compliance

Vehicles entering and/or exiting geofences defined in MyEROAD* can have high-priority alerts sent to the vehicle’s Ehubo2 in-vehicle telematics device, while managing driver distraction.

Drivers, especially those who travel between multiple work sites every day, have to navigate often complex and varying rules depending on the site and what work is being carried out there. There are also many different hazardous spots on our roads for drivers to remember. Having a way to get targeted messages to drivers before or after they enter or leave a specific area or zone can help to warn them of hazards, or remind them of site-specific safety rules.

Get messages to the right place at the right time

You can choose what messages are right for your fleet. Messages can be safety related, for example, alerts for low clearance bridges, or general communications such as letting drivers know they’re entering an area where certain instructions need to be followed. It can even be used to re-route your drivers if there’s an area you need them to avoid.

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