Goodbye Depot, Hello MyEROAD

Goodbye Depot, Hello MyEROAD

After launching MyEROAD last year, we’re now turning off Depot.

We first launched MyEROAD, our powerful cloud-based platform, in August last year, and we’ve kept Depot running in parallel over the last 8 months. We’re now ready to say goodbye to our old platform, and on 11 April, Depot will be turned off for good.

What’s different?

The main changes you’ll notice are the URL (, and the navigation bar moves from the top of the screen to the left hand side. Most of the big changes are under the hood.

What’s staying the same?

Everything else is the same, including reports, Activity Map, Leaderboard – it’s all right there in MyEROAD ready to use. Even your username and password are the same as your Depot ones.

Faster and more powerful

MyEROAD is faster. It’s got more power so it can handle more products and more data. The responsive design also means it works better on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Top tips

  • Bookmark the new URL or ‘add to favourites’
  • Remember that MyEROAD will timeout after 2 hours of inactivity

Try it out today

Haven’t tried it out yet? Go to today and use your Depot login credentials.

If you’re having issues, contact us on 1800437623

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