EROAD welcomes review of NZ Road User Charges system

EROAD welcomes review of NZ Road User Charges system

EROAD, with its purpose of safer and more sustainable roads,  welcomes the New Zealand government’s release of the discussion document Driving Change: Reviewing the Road User Charges System.

Nina Elter, SVP, Global Market Development at EROAD said “We know that New Zealand’s RUC system is world-leading. However, some fine tuning is required, given the significant advances in digital technology, climate change and urban amenity – there is a lot to be looked at.”

EROAD developed the first electronic RUC system, which has been operating successfully since 2010. Originally designed for commercial heavy vehicle fleets that do a lot of travel off-road, it has proven flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of heavy and light vehicle fleets. Following its merger with Coretex in late 2021, EROAD monitors over 100,000 vehicles on and about New Zealand’s roads.

As Peter Carr, Director of Regulatory Market Development for ANZ at EROAD notes, “Waka Kotahi has worked with our industry to support innovation and reduce costs for users of electronic RUC technology. But, if we’re to find affordable and fit-for-purpose solutions for a private light EV or a heavy motor home, then we’e at a point where the RUC Act and Regulations need looking at.”

EROAD recognises that this is a once in a decade opportunity to help shape the future of our transport sector.

Steven Newman, Chief Executive Officer added, “EROAD’s first-of-its kind electronic RUC system was created to make life easier for heavy road users, and it continues to be of huge benefit to our customers. We’d like to see the system evolve in a way that enhances the value they’re getting. We look forward to working with both industry and government to adapt the system so that it continues to provide value to all road users and our wider community”

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EROAD modernises road charging and tax compliance and health and safety compliance for road transport by replacing paper-based systems with easy-to-use electronic systems that also improve fleet management. The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and listed on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX). Its US business is based in Portland, Oregon, serving customers with vehicles operating in every US mainland state, growing outward in concentration from the Northwest. In 2009 EROAD introduced the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging (eRUC) system in New Zealand and, in 2017, more than 50% of heavy transport RUC was collected electronically, representing a rapid transition to e-commerce on a voluntary, industry-led basis, due to the cost-savings and benefits to customers. EROAD is also a leading provider of health and safety compliance services, including vehicle management and driver behaviour and performance measures.

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