EROAD sets new industry standard with independent verification of ELD

EROAD sets new industry standard with independent verification of ELD

3 July 2017 Auckland EROAD has become the first provider to deliver an independently verified and compliant ELD (electronic logging device) to the US market.

Following extensive testing, PIT Group, which specializes in the testing and implementation of transportation-related products across North America, has confirmed that the EROAD ELD meets FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association) requirements.

EROAD’s decision to supplement its internal testing procedures by engaging a third party to conduct testing and verification of its solution has set a new standard in the industry. Independent verification of ELDs is not mandated by FMCSA and ELD suppliers can self-certify their technologies.

“We are proud to be leading the industry and offering the added value of unbiased verification to motor carriers as the deadline for ELD adoption approaches,” EROAD’s CEO Steven Newman said. “PIT Group’s independent verification, following extensive testing of our ELD, confirms that what we are offering is a best-in-class, compliant solution and is testament to the expertise and dedication of our engineering, product, compliance and customer care teams,” he said.

“I would like to thank both PIT Group for partnering with us and our internal teams in Auckland and Portland, who worked closely with PIT Group to achieve this industry first.”

PIT Group conducted rigorous bench and operational tests of EROAD’s ELD against FMCSA’s established certification and test procedures, and mimicked the approach regulators would take with an ELD provider during a roadside investigation or compliance audit.

EROAD chose PIT Group to independently verify its ELD due to its expertise in vehicle technologies, regulatory policies and requirements, and the operational demands of fleets.

“It was important to us that PIT Group’s verification process was not just a matter of ticking technical specification boxes, but of investigating and testing how our ELD would meet the operational needs of motor carriers beyond FMCSA’s baseline requirements. This is one of the ways EROAD demonstrates its long term commitment to supporting our customers,” Steven Newman said.

EROAD is now the only company to provide an independently verified tax and ELD platform in the US, with PIT Group’s report following the Oregon Secretary of State Audit Report of the company’s electronic WMT (weight mile tax) solution.

PIT Group’s report, released on 29 June, states that EROAD ELD model Ehubo2.1 is compliant with FMCSA technical specifications outlined in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 395, Subpart B – Functional Specifications for Electronic Logging Devices.

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