EROAD launches new driver and vehicle safety tools

EROAD launches new driver and vehicle safety tools

15 August 2017 Auckland EROAD has applied its industry-leading technology to the latest in driver and vehicle safety.

The company’s preventative driver safety suite promotes safe driving with real-time in-cab feedback based on New Zealand road network data and reporting on driver logins. Customers have been using real-time feedback on EROAD’s Ehubo2 hardware for two years, with alerts for speeding, harsh braking, sharp acceleration and cornering, and excessive idling.

This week the company introduced Posted Speed to the device, with fortnightly map loads delivering up-to-date speed limit data. It has also enhanced fleet safety with the addition of defect management to its Inspect product, speeding up the time to resolution for vehicle faults.

Tony Warwood, EROAD New Zealand General Manager, said that after a recent customer survey highlighted that vehicle and driving safety was the number one priority for the majority of businesses, the company focused on developing a solution.

“Preventative safety tools are a huge time saver for fleets, because the fleet managers are freed up from continual monitoring, and that time saving goes straight to the bottom line,” Tony Warwood said. “It’s good for business, it’s good for fleet managers and it’s empowering for drivers because they are enabled to self-coach, and take action immediately to avoid speeding events. It’s a win-win.”

Making life easier for both drivers and fleet managers was also the motivation behind adding defect management to the company’s vehicle inspection product, Inspect. Its Defect Board removes paper from the inspection process, and provides drivers and the back office with instant visibility into the status of vehicle faults.

Martin Jones, Fleet Service and Performance Supervisor at Foodstuffs South Island, said Defect Management had enabled the company to take action on vehicle inspection reports.

“It has saved me one-and-a-half hours most mornings. I now have time do to other things. I’m more focused and I don’t lose my way through the information. I love it,” Martin Jones said.

Posted Speed and Driver Login Monitoring are offered as part of EROAD’s new SafeDriver Plan. The third new feature on the plan, Fleet Utilisation Dashboard, helps fleets reduce costs by reporting on vehicle and asset use against company targets.

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