2021 Capterra Shortlist names EROAD a top performer in 2 categories

2021 Capterra Shortlist names EROAD a top performer in 2 categories

Telematics provider EROAD is recognised as a user favourite in Capterra’s fleet maintenance and fleet management software categories.

2021 Capterra Shortlist names EROAD a top performer

Formerly known as the Capterra Top 20, the Capterra Shortlist identifies top software products based on user ratings and popularity by search volume. The new format features a chart view that allows buyers to see which products rate strongest on each component and determine the best software for their needs.

EROAD was assessed against 654 other fleet management products and 162 fleet maintenance products and landed in the upper right quadrant, “Top Performers,” for both. Top Performers are the highest-scoring products in terms of both popularity and user ratings, have generally been around for a while, and are loved by their users. Noteworthy products, established players, and emerging favourites were also highlighted.

“With 100+ reviews and an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, EROAD is honoured to be recognised by our customers as one of the most highly rated fleet management solutions on the Capterra platform,” says EROAD ANZ Marketing Director Courtney Ayre.

Factors that made EROAD popular among users included “second to none” customer support and the product’s ability to drive cost efficiencies : “Our ROI with idle savings and the ability to track driving habits and ensure our drivers are operating safely are well worth the money,” says a transportation manager in the dairy industry.

To be eligible for inclusion, all products were required to serve North American users and be relevant to software buyers across industries or sectors.

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