Easy, reliable and accurate fleet management technology

Easy, reliable and accurate fleet management technology

Get immediate improvements in vehicle and driver safety, and fleet productivity, with a complete solution from the experts.
  • Improve health and safety
  • Simplify RUC compliance
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Increase fleet productivity

* Source: EROAD study, June 2016, across 1,344 organisations
** Awarded top Fleet Safety Product in 2018 Fleet Safety Awards
*** Finalist, Fleet Safety Product in 2019 Brake Fleet Safety Award

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10 reasons to make EROAD your technology partner 

1. Paperless RUC

No paper licences and no paperwork required. EROAD’s electronic system makes buying and managing RUC simple. Purchase your RUC licences where and when you need them, through our NZTA-approved, secure, bank-grade payment system. Your licences are automatically delivered to your EROAD in-vehicle device for display as approved RUC licences — no more paper labels.

EROAD’s fully paperless electronic RUC system gives you back the time you spend on RUC administration, and reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance. Our AutoRUC feature allows you to automatically purchase RUC in legally minimum amounts — so you can keep cash in the bank rather than on the windscreen. Your new license is automatically purchased just before your current one expires, helping to ensure you’re fleet is always compliant.


2. Instant visibility with accurate fleet tracking

Knowing the location of your fleet at any given moment (and retrospectively) provides peace of mind and productivity improvements that keep customers happy, drivers safe, and businesses profitable.

  • MyEROAD Fleet Map gives you essential vehicle location and activity information as you need it
  • Geofence Notifications allow you to monitor when a vehicle enters/ exits a geofence and time on site
  • Daily Activity report displays high-level fleet activity data over a 24-hour period
  • Geofence Activity report shows you each vehicle’s average time on site, and helps identify potential problem areas
  • Retrospective Activity geofence lets you quickly check in on past vehicle activity in any location
  • Stopwatch geofence lets you set time limits for geofences and monitor time-on-site targets

“The system is easy to use and it builds a picture. That’s the beaty of it. The click of a button answers all your questions.”

National Transport Manager, Freightlines

3. Simplify health and safety compliance

Simplify health and safety compliance with EROAD’s innovative technology and actionable insights and help your business minimise risk, improve safety outcomes and reduce costs.

An unsafe workplace can affect your ORS safety rating, ACC and insurance premiums, and driver retention, and introduce costs around penalties, downtime and lost business. Our tools and reports have been developed in consultation with our customers to help simplify compliance.

  • EROAD Day Logbook simplifies fatigue management, enabling drivers to capture work and rest hours easily via an app
  • EROAD Share provides visibility of sub-contractor fleets
  • Driver safety reporting encourages improved performance
  • MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance ensures your fleet is healthy, well-maintained and safe.
  • EROAD Inspect lets you perform pre and post trip paperless inspections

“With the health and safety reforms, Waitomo is now using EROAD Day Logbook, Driver Vehicle Inspection Checklist and Service module to help us make sure everything is ship shape. It’s part of our company’s philosophy of going paperless.”

Leanne Milligan, Chief Financial Officer, Waitomo Group

4. Safer drivers with real-time coaching

The Ehubo2 combined with Leaderboard helps make your fleet safer and more productive whilst protecting your bottom line. Give your fleet a competitive edge by encouraging and rewarding improved driving behaviours.

A high standard of driving across your fleet doesn’t just protect your business’s reputation, it helps reduce ACC and insurance premiums too.

  • Leaderboard benchmarks drivers based on key metrics: speeding, harsh braking, sharp acceleration and cornering
  • Posted Speed provides drivers with the real-time road network speed data they need to make better driving decisions
  • Drive Buddy shows instant feedback to drivers, via triggered events such as speeding, allowing them to correct the behavior
  • Over Speed Dashboard shows speeding events and trends at vehicle, driver and fleet level
  • Virtual Speed Camera allows you to set safe operating speeds for high-risk areas such as schools, black spots or customer/supplier sites

“I can see Leaderboard reports at any time of day, any day of the year, on my phone. It’s a great innovation. It makes my job much easier, being able to keep on top of what’s happening in the fleet remotely. It’s providing me with all the information I need for compliance, health and safety and training.”

Blair Inglis, Compliance/Fleet/OH&S Manager, Foodstuffs North Island

5. Get the full picture of your fleet

The biggest benefit of dashcams is by far enhanced driver safety, operational benefits are also a huge drawcard. Acting, driven by insights from dashcams and fleet management telematics can help reduce your fleet’s insurance costs.

With one of the most affordable integrated camera solutions on the market, you don’t have to choose which drivers and vehicles are worth protecting.

Made for the EROAD ecosystem the dual-facing EROAD Clarity Dashcam is fully integrated with EROAD’s cloud-based platform and in-vehicle telematics.

Events triggered by harsh driving – speeding, sudden braking or swerving, or an actual crash – will trigger a video to be sent to the MyEROAD Replay platform for review.

  • EROAD Clarity Dashcam in-vehicle dual-facing dashcam with integrated telematics
  • MyEROAD Replay cloud-based portal to review and manage footage triggered by driving events

“It’s amazing how much reassurance having that footage gave our driver. Someone who’s been involved in an incident doesn’t need to dwell on it for a fortnight while we work through an investigation. If we can close it out in a matter of hours, that’s a great outcome for the business; that’s a cost savings for us. That’s hours and hours of investigation that doesn’t need to happen and almost instant relief for the driver concerned, their manager, and our health and safety team.”

Scott Harder, Business manager, BOC South Pacific

6. Actionable data insights

Transform data into opportunity, get instant access to fleet data via our powerful cloud platform MyEROAD, Power BI integration or in your own data warehouse environment.

EROAD’s system takes the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights for your business.

With EROAD you’ll benefit from improved fleet productivity, better route planning, greater customer satisfaction, timely maintenance, ability to monitor stop/idle times and driver hours and improved legal compliance.

  • MyEROAD takes the wealth of data your fleet generates daily and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights
  • EROAD Analyst integrates with Microsoft Power BI and Snowflake to transform fleet data into opportunity

“We can mix and match and feed it into our Power BI system to generate productivity reports,” says Winton. “We can also confidently integrate our data to get true productivity measures. We can identify our non-performers and our top performers to determine who might need extra support and coaching.”

Allan Winton, National Transport Manager, TOLL New Zealand

7. Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Accountability and transparency around your vehicle maintenance is an essential part of running a successful operation. Help keep your fleet on the road with MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance and EROAD Inspect.

Maintaining up-to-date vehicle servicing and certification is a key requirement of health and safety compliance. EROAD helps you ensure the safety of your fleet; streamlining servicing certification and notifying you when servicing is due, based on engine hours, distance or time since last service.

Reduce operating costs by proactively managing vehicle certification, servicing and maintenance, and lower the risk of penalties and vehicle downtime.

Your full service history is archived in MyEROAD, eliminating the need to keep paper records. Our Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) reduce the risk of breakdowns, with an easy-to-use mobile app that guides drivers through inspections and lets them share the report with the click of a button.

  • MyEROAD Fleet Maintenance simplifies servicing with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distanced travelled or engine hours run.
  • EROAD Inspect an easy to use app for front line vehicle checks by the people who know them best

“The service management system is brilliant. I have full visibility on maintenance costs and service scheduling, and my records are automatically archived.”

Luke Lee, PCL Limited

8. Ditch the hubo

EROAD’s electronic distance recorders are the key to unleashing the comprehensive benefits available from our advanced technology platform.

Vehicle downtime for hubodometer replacements is a significant business interruption.

Hubodometers can often fail because they are rigidly mounted on an axle with the tyre being the only protection from road shocks. Hubodometers can also increase distance recorded by upwards of 7% because of tyre wear and in excess of 10% from faulty operation.

Our electronic distance recorders overcome these problems and are approved by the NZ Transport Agency as replacements for mechanical hubodometers. Their electronic display also means paper RUC labels are no longer needed. We offer a range of electronic distance recorders:

  • Ehubo1: Competitively priced, will meet the needs of most operators
  • Ehubo2: Our star in-cab device, access multiple applications on a single device
  • Tubo: The distance recorder of choice for trailers.



“Seven times out of ten when you have a wheel change, the hubodometer gets knocked out. That’s all downtime for me and my vehicles. EROAD’s made my business more cost effective and more manageable.”

Robbie Allen, Robbie’s Linehaul

9. Maximise off-road refunds

Get the maximum RUC off-road rebate your entitled to with Claim back your off-road travel and improve the accuracy and frequency of your claims with our automated system.

EROAD’s mapping engine automatically captures vehicle locations and accurately determines off-road travel based on public road map data. You can also add your own off-road areas by creating geofences for locations such as depots and container terminals.

  • When a RUC licence expires, off-road travel is automatically calculated and the RUCOR (off-road refund claim form) generated
  • Submit your claim electronically to NZ Transport Agency, at no extra charge
  • Off-road reports are archived in our web application, MyEROAD, to support legal compliance.

“Probably one of our biggest months last year was July 2020: We did 105,000Ks off road and the rebate was $60,700!”

Jason Williams, General Manager, Williams & Wilshier Transport

10. Save on fuel

EROAD equips you with the necessary insights to manage one of your largest operational expenses: Fuel. Our suite of reports provide detailed fuel transactions for all your vehicles, estimated efficiency and carbon emissions at the fleet level, flag exceptions based on fuel purchase trends, and help you tackle unnecessary idling behaviour by driver, vehicle and fleet.

  • Idle Report helps reduce vehicle wear and tear and fuel costs.
  • Fuel Efficiency Report optimise your fuel costs by monitoring fuel efficiency and identifying poorly performing vehicles

“I use the daily activity and fuel exception reports to ensure nothing looks out of the ordinary.”

Gordon Jolly, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, MWN Civil Limited, Auckland

See why our customers love EROAD


“In the first month of using EROAD we received 7000 over speed alerts. We now see fewer than 150 a week.

As a result, I’ve seen my fuel cost drop by up to $3,000 per month, with increased utilisation and kilometres travelled by the fleet.”

Ken McEwen
The University of Canterbury


“EROAD has so far brought down our over speed events from approximately 25,000 a month to about 1200.

It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20% and accident incident rates by 20%.”

Simon Batchelor


“We work for the community and we have to give them the best value for their dollar. Staff used to book vehicles out for a whole day instead of just the time they needed them. Now we’re using EROAD U Book-It, once a vehicle is returned to the council carpark, it checks itself in and is made available in the pool. Each booking gets coded to a costcentre, which helps us charge back kilometres travelled to the right department.

Tony Bird
Northland Regional Council