Goodbye 3G, hello 4G

Goodbye 3G, hello 4G

Welcome to the EROAD 4G upgrade program. We’re with you every step of the way.


We have 4G devices and installer capacity available now!

By starting your switch over to EROAD’s 4G fleet management devices today, you’ll gain peace of mind that your fleet management system will continue to run smoothly before, during and after the 3G network shutdown.

All EROAD 4G devices have a life expectancy of +6 years, so you can rest assured that the telematic hardware in your vehicles is optimised for new features and future advances in technology .

Choosing EROAD as your fleet management partner

EROAD isn’t just dot-on-the-map technology.

Every day, we help customers to reduce fleet operating costs and maximise efficiency. Our range of powerful tools and insightful reports are all designed to make compliance, safety and fleet management easier.

4G GPS vehicle trackers

Whether you’ve got trucks, front-loaders, utility vehicles or electric cars – EROAD has fleet vehicle tracking solutions to suit most fleets.


A full fleet management system with driver-facing screen. Enabling real-time driver coaching and feedback with alerts and messaging options.


EROAD Clarity Locate
Smart GPS fleet tracking for light vehicles from only $19 a month. Choose GPS tracking + telematics only, or add front-facing or dual-facing camera features


EROAD Clarity Solo
EROAD’s all-in-one GPS tracker, telematics and dashcam. Ideal for fleets who want to track more than just location and distance.


EROAD Clarity Get
All-in-one GPS tracker and dashcam with pay-as-you-go video downloads for a lower monthly subscription.

4G GPS asset trackers

4G asset tracker devices built to withstand tough outdoor conditions.


EROAD ETrack G70
A robust GPS tracker that connects to vehicles, trailers or equipment for real time tracking, odometer readings and run hour monitoring.


EROAD ETrack Oyster 3
A rugged battery-powered GPS tracking device, typically used to monitor non-powered assets, providing GPS location and anti-theft alerts.

Still unsure? Talk to the experts.

If you’re not sure which hardware is right for your fleet, EROAD’s friendly team of experts would be happy to chat to you about your specific needs and which solution will work best.


How do you start the switching process?

Call EROAD’s 4G Sunrise team on 0800 141 140, they’ll be happy to chat to you about how to start switching your device. It’s best to start the conversation early to help ensure a smooth transition.


What’s involved in replacing 3G devices?

3G devices can’t be upgraded with downloads or updates – they need to be physically replaced. EROAD will work with you to make sure installation has minimal impact on your fleet productivity.


What happens if you wait to make the switch?

Given thousands of businesses and consumers across Australia & New Zealand will need to migrate to 4G and 5G enabled devices – not just in the transport industry but across all sectors – demands on 4G and 5G-enabled tech will increase closer to the cut-off date of August 2024.

To keep the benefits of your connected devices and telematics systems, it’s best to start the migration process as early as possible. Call the 4G Sunrise team on 0800 141 140.


Start planning your switch today