EROAD goes the extra mile to get Toll New Zealand rolling

EROAD goes the extra mile to get Toll New Zealand rolling

EROAD telematics helped Toll New Zealand achieve its safety and compliance goals, providing onsite implementation and change management support.

Our expertise in change management is helping this global logistics provider prioritise safety, innovation, and regulatory compliance.

Toll New Zealand operates a fleet of over 800 vehicles across 20 branches nationwide and became an EROAD customer earlier this year.

Over the last few months, we’ve been implementing EROAD at an accelerated pace, arranging for EROAD’s Enterprise support Chris Ross to be at Toll three days a week to facilitate. Chris ensured that the install plan was on track, provided on-the-spot feature training, and answered any EROAD-related questions.We also scheduled installations for weekends – the only time trucks weren’t on the road – coordinating with our nationwide network of certified installers to meet the client’s target deadline.

While Toll isn’t new to telematics, the New Zealand team was looking for a more holistic compliance solution. “We wanted a solution that would future-proof us and take us to that next level,” says Allen Winton, Toll New Zealand’s national transport manager.

EROAD’s leadership in the RUC regulatory space put us on the short list, but our value-added features sealed the deal: “We were looking for add-ons to improve our fatigue management programme and our inspection and service modules,” explains Winton. “EROAD allowed us to do all that in one platform.”

The EROAD Difference: Innovation and Reliability

EROAD technology continuously recalibrates during travel to ensure that RUC paid matches the actual distance travelled. Thanks to the system’s enhanced accuracy and ease of use, Toll receives money back for off-road use more often.

Toll New Zealand was keen to partner with a market leader active in taking innovation forward. Live data feeds from NZTA allow Toll to better maintain their fleet, and the Logbook solution ensures complete regulatory compliance with a dashboard snapshot.

“Toll New Zealand has been exploring camera technology and are looking at integration with the vehicle engine management system,” says Winton, “so there’s lots of future in R&D, which supported our case to partner with EROAD.”


Getting the Snowflake data connector in particular has been revolutionary. Now Toll can connect directly to the EROAD database, negating the need to request reports.

“We can mix and match and feed it into our Power BI system to generate productivity reports,” says Winton. “We can also confidently integrate our data to get true productivity measures. We can identify our non-performers and our top performers to determine who might need extra support and coaching.”

Real-world benefits include equipment and fuel savings and enhanced professional image, but Allen says safety is still number one:

“Through direct in-cab feedback and leaderboard rankings, EROAD measures our drivers’ performance against the industry and gives drivers real-time safety improvements for themselves, our equipment, and other road users.

“Leaderboard tracks speeding, idle time, and harsh braking and cornering, providing us with an overall picture of how our drivers are performing. We use that as a tool to identify where we should focus our training and upskilling, and we’re using it to develop a driver recognition programme as well.”

Outstanding Implementation and Support

Moving to EROAD to achieve these training goals required the coordinated efforts of Toll’s internal team, their nationwide account management team, and EROAD’s Enterprise team:

“EROAD’s installation network has been fantastic in supporting after-hours installations, which means we haven’t had any downtime. Having Chris on site three days a week really helped speed up implementation. We had that instant support and faster momentum.”

Enhanced safety, productivity, and data reliability could be in your organisation’s future. Contact our sales team to book a demo.


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