Building a better future together

Building a better future together

EROAD is proud to partner with the Te Whāngai Trust, a social and environmental enterprise that assists long term unemployed, youth and people at risk. EROAD’s technology supports their goal to empower people while providing a safe environment and helping manage day-to-day operations.

Te Whāngai Trust is a social enterprise that leverages the commercial market of native plants to provide people experiencing significant life challenges with employment, training, and hope for a better future.

Adrienne and Gary Dalton set up Te Whāngai Trust 16 years ago, and today, they employ 74 people across the Auckland, Thames Coromandel and Waikato regions, and provide further volunteering opportunities to youth who are unable to be employed.

Providing reassurance

Te Whāngai Trust have seen great success with EROAD over the last 3 years, and have just installed more devices so all 17 of their vehicles are now fitted with Ehubos.

“For Te Whāngai, EROAD gave us huge reassurance that the vulnerable people we support could be monitored and provided with wrap around support at all times. Driving, safety and wellbeing could all be a focal point of everyday operations,” says Adrienne, “Any driver behaviour that compromised partners or wellbeing could be tracked, as could costings for tenders and contract submissions.”

Using data to improve lives

Te Whāngai Trust endeavours to grow employees and provide opportunities to demonstrate reliability and responsibility.

“The people we work with are often unlearning a lifetime of bad habits, and the data that EROAD provides is helping them in a number of ways,” says Gary.

“For some of our people, they’ve not come from households where people get up at a ‘normal’ time and so we might be waiting on them for 15 or 20 minutes. With EROAD’s data, we can show them how long we waited for them, and we can show them how that costs in lost time for the work we do.”

But gathering data isn’t just about pointing out the negatives, they use the data to show growth over time too. “We believe in using technology to empower people, to demonstrate their improvement over time, and to celebrate any gains we make”.


Building trust through technology

Through utlisation reports, as well as driver behaviour reports, EROAD gives the management team the tools to successfully manage increased responsibilities with their assets. They’re able to monitor fuel card and vehicle usage and correct any inappropriate usage.

“The technology is an investment – an investment in your people and an investment in their safety and in their growth because you’re using it not just to keep people safe and keep track of where they are, you’re also using it to grow them as people and build their responsibility and their discipline.”

It also provides security through it’s accurate location data, “EROAD provides a huge safety net if anything goes wrong. We know the exact location of all our vehicles through MyEROAD and can get support to the location quickly if needed”.


Helping manage COVID-19 requirements

Te Whāngai Trust has essential worker status to maintain and protect existing plant stock. “The use of EROAD in our vehicles has been extremely beneficial in assisting us to monitor and ensure the health and safety of our staff, especially during COVID outbreaks,” says Adrienne.

Using EROAD together with COVID Tracer App QR codes, the Trust have a comprehensive understanding of where separate work bubbles have been “This gives us confidence that we can isolate any exposure to COVID and minimise any disruption to our operations. This has been a key tool in ensuring we can continue to employ our staff, many of whom are from Whānau (family) who are living on the margins of society, and are suffering from the effects of poverty and addiction.”

Managing contracts

EROAD is also helping Te Whāngai to manage and monitor commercial contracts, an important step in ensuring the Trust’s future. “We have an accurate view of how long we spent on a site, travel time and we can measure delivery costs to ensure we are maintaining commercial viability.”

Giving people a sense of purpose

Te Whāngai Trust are driven by a strong sense of purpose, “The people who work with us, choose to work for Te Whāngai because we make a difference.” says Adrienne. “people just need someone to believe in them a little bit”.

To achieve their goal, Te Whāngai Trust rely on the support of other companies and community organisations. “We are forever grateful to EROAD for the support provided. The social, environmental, economic and cultural outcomes we achieve through Te Whāngai are only made possible through supportive partnerships like EROAD.”

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