The Road to Sustainability – 2022 edition

The Road to Sustainability – 2022 edition

The Road to Sustainability – 2022 edition

Sustainability policy may be set by Governments, but effective change will be driven through the pace of business adoption.

In the coming years, businesses that operate vehicles, plant and equipment of all shapes and sizes will face increasing pressure to reduce emissions either through shareholders, customers or regulators.

As a transport technology business, EROAD is uniquely placed to understand how ready these businesses are to respond to the shift in pressure.

Are you one of the 3 in 5 businesses being asked to provide sustainability performance during vendor selection?
Did you see any of the positive impacts from sustainability initiatives reported by 84% of businesses?

In our second annual Road to Sustainability report, we surveyed 893 business decision makers across Australia and New Zealand.

  • What are businesses doing?
  • What positive impacts are they seeing?
  • What can we learn from those seeing some of the most sought-after benefits like ROI?
  • What challenges are preventing businesses from setting, measuring and achieving goals?
  • What changes do they have planned for their fleet?

The report contains key insights from the survey, including separate analysis for light and heavy fleets.

See for yourself how your business stacks up against your peers.