How telematics helps track your fleet more efficiently

How telematics helps track your fleet more efficiently

Telematics technology now plays a key role how many high-performing fleets are managed given the benefits and insights connected vehicles can provide to businesses.

Telematics technology, such as EROAD’s award-winning platform, provides you with consistent, precise data on your entire fleet which gives you a deep understanding of your business. What’s more, its versatility means it can be used in a wide range of different vehicles and assets to monitor your entire fleet’s performance.

EROAD’s multi-functional platform allows you to track every aspect of your operations to identify areas for improvement. This helps you manage all your vehicles and assets on one platform to improve your operational transparency, visibility, safety, compliance and productivity and efficiency at the same time as helping you service your customers better. What’s more, you can easily identify areas that need focus and actively respond to events as they happen.

In effect, telematics gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet. Everything from fuel consumption, scheduling, vehicle activity, speed and driver behaviour to route optimisation, vehicle performance and maintenance schedules can be monitored on a cloud-based, web portal for you.

While driving efficiencies are fundamental to good fleet management, a more productive fleet also means happier customers, which can then translate to business growth and a better bottom line for your business.


Monitor your fleet’s productivity on one telematics platform

Telematics technology provides you with an accurate view of where your fleet is, the exact routes taken and how your vehicles and drivers are performing at any time.

You can also see jobs completed, which driver was in the vehicle and for how long, as well as monitor stops made and time spent at customer sites.

EROAD’s Telematics solution provides you with visibility so you can schedule jobs effectively based on the location of each vehicle in your fleet. Your dispatchers can also make constant route adjustments based on traffic conditions, vehicle availability and weather conditions. You can also switch resources around to ensure deliveries reach your customers when they need to.

At the same time as improving dispatch, you can keep your clients informed of estimated arrival times, which helps build trust and customer satisfaction along the way.

In addition, you can also analyse and use the data from completed jobs to make decisions that better serve your customers in the future.

EROAD’s data insights then allow you to better allocate resources, optimise routes, reduce turn-around times and plan schedules more accurately.

This can also help lower operating costs, such as fuel and labour, at the same time as lifting the bar when it comes to providing a high standard of customer service.

“We installed the EROAD system to help us manage health and safety outcomes and improve fleet utilisation and it’s already paid for itself with improvements in efficiency generated by the daily trip information and fuel savings.”

Brad Courtney, Fleet Manager, HRV

Geofence for better visibility of your fleet

EROAD also provides businesses with the ability to geofence so you have complete visibility of what your assets are doing on a specific site. This includes specific data on arrival times, time spent on site, distance driven and whether auxiliary equipment was used.


EROAD identifies under-performing vehicles and assets

EROAD can also help identify under-utilised vehicles and areas that need improvements to maximise efficiency rates and work-loads.

You can monitor the idle and working time of each of your vehicles to identify under-performing assets or drivers, improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear-and-tear, which can deliver significant improvements to your bottom line.

To maximise route efficiencies, EROAD also provides you with data that allows you to check for overlaps and see where routes can be consolidated or shortened, saving time, fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear.

Small savings made every day make for big savings for your fleet across an entire year!

“EROAD’s fleet tracking is fantastic but where we’re increasingly seeing benefits is in reporting. It’s creating more and more information that’s really beneficial to our fleet.”

Glenn Coughlan, National Operations Manager, Crown Relocations

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