How telematics helps manage your fleet maintenance to ensure Chain of Responsibility compliance

How telematics helps manage your fleet maintenance to ensure Chain of Responsibility compliance

A well maintained fleet is a direct reflection of a well-run, safe, compliant and productive business. Without a proactive approach to fleet maintenance, you risk not only compromising your driver’s safety and being up for costly emergency repairs and unplanned time without vehicles, but also breaching your compliance obligations.

The revised Chain of Responsibility (CoR) safety legislation requires everyone involved in your supply chain to now be responsible for the safe operation of your fleet and comply with four key areas:

  • Speed: ensuring vehicles and drivers do not exceed the speed limits
  • Vehicle standards: ensuring vehicles are maintained and are roadworthy at all times
  • Fatigue: ensuring drivers don’t work excessive hours and take breaks when needed
  • Mass: ensuring loads do not exceed a vehicles’ mass and configuration limits

EROAD’s award-winning fleet management solution puts safety at the forefront of everything and is an effective tool for managing your CoR obligations. It helps create a ‘safety-first’ culture within your organisation to elevate your safety management practices. It does this by monitoring every aspect of your driver’s, vehicle’s and equipment’s performance so you can address issues quickly and also nurture a strong safety culture.

This includes everything from who’s in the driver’s seat, for how long as well as on-road behaviours such as location, speed, seatbelt use, harsh driving as well capturing important service and maintenance data so your fleet can be regularly maintained.

A regular fleet service and maintenance routine not only ensures problems are quickly detected and addressed; it can also save your business money in the long run.

Because regularly servicing your vehicles can cost less over time as opposed to the expense associated with delaying servicing until a problem arises. This also has the potential to cost your business reputation and you risk prosecution should an incident occur on the road as a result of poorly maintained vehicles.

In 2018 EROAD received the Brake Fleet Safety Award acknowledging EROAD’s positive impact in creating safer drivers, vehicles and roads. 

Maintaining your fleet, the easy way with EROAD

Running a healthy, productive, compliant fleet means regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicles and equipment. EROAD helps you seamlessly manage this with two key tools, which are part of its wider telematics platform:

EROAD Inspect

EROAD’s Inspect features provide you with the ability to capture defects on the spot and action their repair to ensure they don’t become expensive issues down the road.

It allows your drivers to carry out pre and post-trip vehicle inspections – using either EROAD’s App on a mobile device or the in-vehicle Ehubo2 device – to record any defects that need to be fixed or maintenance to be completed.

EROAD’s Inspect enables you to create customisable inspection templates that match the requirements of your vehicles and assets. Any items that are reported by drivers as failed, or that need attention, then feed straight into EROAD’s defect board – enabling you to view, prioritise and action reported defects at any time.

You can generate reports that provide a full audit trail of defects which capture the original inspection record, along with its resolution and who actioned each item.


EROAD Service and Maintenance

EROAD’s Service and Maintenance helps you efficiently manage the preventative maintenance of your fleet and identify small problems before they become costly ones. You can better manage your operating costs, and also have peace of mind you have done everything possible to ensure your vehicles are performing at their best and are safe on the road.

EROAD’s Service and Maintenance allows you to schedule periodic and systematic vehicle maintenance to keep on top of the health of your fleet. It simplifies your preventative maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours and provides you with a full service history archive.


Real-time driver monitoring and coaching to keep your fleet in top condition

EROAD also provides two-way messaging so you can keep in touch with your drivers while on the road. In addition, it provides real-time, in-cab feedback and coaching to help maintain good driving habits. It also provides safety alerts such as seatbelt usage and other driving behaviours to reduce the overall impact speeding, harsh braking, cornering and acceleration, can have on your vehicles.

Driver accountability is shown to have a very real impact on speed and road safety.

An EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

Source: EROAD’s ‘The Power of Accountability’ White Paper

Visibility of your contractors and sub-contractors

Having full visibility of your supply chain is a fundamental part of your compliance with CoR. EROAD’s Share provides you with access to your contractors and sub-contractors operations to ensure they are also carrying out their duties in line with your businesses’ compliance expectations of them.


Full audit trail and proof of servicing and maintenance

EROAD’s advanced telematics technology provides you with an automated, accurate process to help maintain your fleet. Not only is it easy for your drivers to do inspections and identify defects, it provides you with a deep understanding of your business and also a fully auditable trail of the processes and actions carried out by your supply chain to ensure your compliance with CoR and other legislative requirements.

You can generate reports that provide a full history of defects which includes the original inspection record, along with its resolution and who actioned each item.

But it’s not only highly effective for fleet maintenance and compliance. It also takes the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights for your business to run a safer, more efficient and productive fleet.

This helps deliver cost efficiencies, improve assurance levels, minimise liabilities and reduce vehicle downtown for a higher performing fleet.

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