Slash admin time with EROAD telematics

Slash admin time with EROAD telematics

Telematics technology reduces admin for drivers, fleet managers, and back-office staff, helping businesses make better use of their time.

EROAD’s fleet-wide data and user-friendly tools offer benefits for every level of the business, keeping records of everything so you don’t have to:

Designed with the user in mind

Task Automation
Calculating FTC isn’t a good use of anyone’s time, and logging travel and fuel use distracts drivers from the important task at hand. With EROAD, pre-trip inspections, logbook entries, and in-cab comms are all streamlined and recorded, and service scheduling can be automated as well.

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Job Management
Real-time visibility allows dispatch to better allocate resources, reduce turn-around times, and plan schedules – and the same is true for your drivers and workshop team. Not only will you lower operational costs (fuel, labour) but you’ll also raise the bar on customer service.


Operational Performance
Everyone knows time is money and fleet owners know that better than most. When fleet data is easy to access and manipulate, you can more readily identify trends, issues, and opportunities – and adapt faster to changing market conditions.

Automate Time-Consuming Admin

Combining EROAD and MyTrucking has brought a new level of automation and visibility to Pingelly Transport. Now their dispatch office can see where vehicles are, saving them the hassle of phoning (and potentially distracting) their drivers. “We can look at the digital map and see where they are and what they’re doing,” says owner Zoe Moulton. “It saves us time and them time.”

They can also track profitability and view each truck’s cost per K at a glance. Previously, drivers had to collate kilometres and fuel purchases, then an admin had to work out the distance and fuel used each quarter. With EROAD, everything is recorded automatically: “This cuts out relying on the driver to record the accurate amount for each job,” Zoe says. “The process is now streamlined. Just one batch upload and it’s done.”


They also love EROAD’s FTC solution, which automates fuel tax credit refunds with minimal effort and greater accuracy than they ever could using paper-based forms. “Our fleet travels off-road 2% of the time, so to be able to backdate the fuel tax credit claim has been excellent.”

How excellent? Zoe reports that Pingelly recovered $7860 AUD in underclaimed FTC rebates! If you’re able to show a six-month pattern of consistent use, you too can retrospectively claim rebates dating back as far as four years.

Drive Data-Based Decision-Making

Fleet managers and owners face business-critical questions every day. Advanced EROAD reporting takes the wealth of data your vehicles generate and turns it into actionable insights. You’ll be able to identify trends and exceptions, improve fleet utilisation, measure service delivery, and drive performance over time.

Getting a handle on how 200+ plant items were being used allowed the Hiway Group to optimise their existing resource pool instead of prematurely buying new gear. “The ability to track internal plant charges for each piece of equipment is one of the big wins we’ve had,” says Senior Financial Accountant Tom Gower. When he came on board two years ago, this custom reporting was top of his wish list. Why?

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Before EROAD, utilisation reporting was a manual exercise requiring 10 or more hours of administration per week: “Chris, our transport manager, would sit down with his list of what he’d transported where. We’d match that up against pre-starts and also against timesheets.”

Doing plant returns each week took Chris six to eight hours, information that then had to be processed by admin and vetted by the project managers. Now, he no longer performs this burdensome task, and Hiway is enjoying the tangible benefits of accurate utilisation reporting and cost tracking.

“We might have anywhere from 10 to 70 jobs a month,” says Business Manager Adam Griffiths, “and every job would have a minimum of three to four bits of equipment, maybe up to 10. So that scale for us is massive. Going from nothing to even the basic EROAD package was an amazing change.”

EROAD fleet management drives productivity and profitability every single day. If you’re considering telematics solutions for your fleet, book a demo to discover why more Australian businesses choose EROAD.

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