Driver safety in mobile black spots with EROAD Satellite Communications

Driver safety in mobile black spots with EROAD Satellite Communications

For organisations operating in remote regions of Australia and New Zealand, mobile black spots continue to be a challenge. While cellular networks may cover the majority of the population, they don’t cover every inch of land. In remote areas out of cellular coverage, drivers are alone. Whether a schedule needs to be updated on the fly, or if an accident occurs, companies need to maintain constant critical communications with their drivers.

Presenting EROAD Satellite Communications

EROAD’s Satellite Communications solution provides continuous coverage even in mobile black spots.

Fleet managers can see near real-time data on their out-of-range vehicles and drivers, with the option to have data sent to MyEROAD in 10, 20 or 60 minute intervals.

Using the Iridium satellite network with its constellation of low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites for superior connectivity, the EROAD Satellite Communications solution provides extended coverage for fleets across Australia and New Zealand.

Configure data plan for your needs

With the EROAD Satellite Communications solution, you can configure the airtime contract to match your fleet’s operational requirements. Set daily communication limits with the preferred duration or interval between location updates, as well as messages on priority events.

Our GPS-enabled Ehubo telematics device is always recording detailed trip data when turned on, even when out of cellular coverage. Trip data is uploaded automatically to MyEROAD when back in cellular coverage.

With EROAD Satellite Communications, when a vehicle leaves cellular coverage, satellite coverage kicks in immediately, sending regular, low-data comms via satellite, which is fed to the Cloud, and received by MyEROAD in intervals of 10, 20 or 60 minutes (dependent on your plan).


Ensuring the safety of remote drivers

Creating a near real-time view of drivers out of cellular coverage provides peace of mind for fleet managers who want to ensure their drivers are safe at all times.

When looking at their fleet’s activity in MyEROAD, fleet managers can see which vehicles are using Satellite coverage as they will have a little icon attached to their vehicle icon.

For extra driver safety and assurance, EROAD’s Collision and Rollover Alerts (CaRA) solution can be added to detect collisions and rollovers. If a CaRA unit is installed in the vehicle, in the event of a crash or rollover, the Ehubo 2 will send this emergency notification via Satellite when out of cellular coverage.


EROAD Satellite Communications provides fleet visibility even in the most remote areas. Get your fleet covered today. FIND OUT MORE

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