Are you ready to book it?

Are you ready to book it?

EROAD BookIt, our newly enhanced pool booking platform, makes it easy to manage vehicles and bookings on the go, whether you’re an administrator or a user.

A shared fleet reduces capital expenditure and your carbon footprint – but coordinating it can be hard work. EROAD BookIt is designed to remove the administrative burden while enabling actionable insights around fleet utilisation and managing costs.

Putting the User First

We’ve designed EROAD BookIt to be intuitive and easy to use. With streamlined workflows and lots of new filters, you’ll see just what you need to and enjoy more granular user control.

Integrated with MyEROAD and GPS, EROAD BookIt offers a seamless experience across desktop and mobile app, enabling self-service, minimising no-shows, and maximising fleet utilisation. Convenient features for vehicle users include:

  • Intelligent Rebooking: When a vehicle is late back or unavailable, the user is automatically rerouted to another suitable vehicle and notified.
  • Book a Seat: Don’t feel like driving? Secure your ride in a company vehicle making a similar journey.
  • Two searches in one: Now each Book a Vehicle search also includes a Book a Seat search by default!
EROAD Bookit Mobile

How EROAD BookIt Works

Before making a vehicle recommendation, EROAD BookIt determines vehicle user needs then aligns them with available pool resources. This is where fleet managers can apply custom rules to prioritise or restrict search results, whether the goal is boosting fleet utilisation or reducing carbon emissions. Examples might include:

  • Recommending EVs for shorter trips
  • Displaying comparable vehicles with low mileage first
  • Placing lease vehicles nearing their annual mileage allowance lower on the list

Vehicle recommendations can also be linked to user login. For example, you could limit a user to their local branch or enable multibranch access. Or the business might decide that basic users must accept the vehicle recommended, whereas a manager may override the suggestion and choose another vehicle.

Users receive calendar invites, email notifications, and can make bookings on behalf of others – whether they’re helping a new user or booking a car for their boss. (That party will also be notified.)

When a booking is made, EROAD BookIt records driver name, number and names of passengers, booking location, destination, start and return times, and trip purpose.


5 things fleet managers can do with EROAD BookIt

While EROAD BookIt is booker-centric in design, it’s pretty amazing for fleet managers too. With EROAD BookIt, you can…

Simplify booking administration
Automatically rebook users in the event of late returns and transfer bookings to other vehicles if a vehicle is taken out of service. Specify vehicles to transfer bookings to or let EROAD BookIt intelligently distribute them for you. Before, you had to manually re-create every booking yourself!
Simplify user administration
Manage your own password using single sign-on with 2FA – it’s simpler and safer for everyone! Self-registration allows users to fill out their details themselves. Before, you had to create and delete users every time they joined or left the business and input data for each new user.
Drive desired booking behaviours
Set business rules to achieve your fleet goals. Want more people to book EVs? Choose to display EV results first. Want even utilisation across your fleet? Have your least-used vehicles appear first. Want to increase carpooling? Give users the “Book a Seat” option when a matching journey is available.
See fleet status at a glance
See fleet status at a glance: View bookings for the entire fleet on a live dashboard and get real-time updates, including current status, location, booker, driver, and more. Status includes whether the vehicle has been picked up or is (nearly) overdue.
Add customisable fields
Add up to 4 more fields for enhanced reporting. Track project codes, general ledger codes, cost centres, or whatever your billing or auditing requires. Make fields compulsory if you like.

EROAD BookIt also features built-in comprehensive reporting: Access all your EROAD BookIt data using EROAD Analyst or the Snowflake data connector.

With this business intelligence capability, you can instantly create custom reports using a recently refreshed dataset. In the future, you can expect even more advanced reporting that will provide insights on fleet size, fleet electrification, and vehicle distribution across branches.

Excited for more? Watch this brief explainer video to see EROAD BookIt in action.


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