EROAD Where Asset Tracking now available in MyEROAD

EROAD Where Asset Tracking now available in MyEROAD

EROAD Where customers can now view asset location data in MyEROAD, bringing all fleet and asset data together in one place. The latest integration enables more advanced reporting capabilities for business assets, including improved asset utilisation reporting. 

EROAD Where is an affordable asset tracking system using IoT and EROAD’s unique Mesh network of Ehubo 2 devices. The Bluetooth tracking devices can be attached to almost any piece of equipment or machinery to track business assets. Location and activity data captured by the devices can be used to help businesses manage their assets better. 

One place for your fleet and asset data 

Previously customers needed to log into the EROAD Where platform to track and manage their assets. The integration into MyEROAD means you can now access fleet and asset data in one place. 

Bringing all that rich asset tracking data into MyEROAD will give customers better visibility of their fleet and assets. Plus, the advanced utlisation reporting in MyEROAD can help customers to improve operational efficiency. 

Maintain your assets with MyEROAD and EROAD Inspect 

Make sure your assets stay in top working condition with EROAD Inspect. Add your tracked assets to maintenance schedules or create checklists that can identify any defects or repairs. Regular maintenance on your assets can help reduce costly equipment failure and expensive rental fees due to unforeseen problems 

Manage who has access to your asset location tracking data 

Asset management can involve multiple roles within a business, with different information needs. Does your site foreman need to see the location of assets on their site? Is the project manager reviewing asset utilisation ratios? In MyEROAD you can assign permissions as required to keep your asset data safe and secure. 

You can find out more about EROAD Where, or the full range of EROAD’s ETrack asset tracking solutions on our website. 

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