Private Mode

Protect the privacy of your staff

Get on top of workplace privacy compliance when a company vehicle is being driven for personal use.

For businesses the implications of the Australian workplace privacy laws seem daunting to manage: how can organisations comply, how do you manage different legislative requirements between states? These laws are designed to protect your employees’ right to privacy when driving a company vehicle for personal use. However, with Private Mode – the good news is that this does not prevent your business taking advantage of the benefits that vehicle telematics can provide.  Plus, Private Mode enables companies to operate with technology that compliments vehicle policy and compliance regulations around private and company use of vehicles.


EROAD Private Mode solves your compliance concerns and makes it easy for your staff.

Staff driving a vehicle for personal use can use a simple toggle button on the Ehubo2 screen to switch on and off Private Mode. There is no need for another costly piece of hardware in the vehicle’s cab, everything they need is on the one screen. We understand that company vehicles are a benefit to your employees and can be made available for use on weekends and holidays – so we make it easy to switch Private Mode on, for a single trip or for the whole day. The solution offers an easy, intuitive way to ensure your staff’s privacy in their down time. No location data can be viewed or is collected and stored when the vehicle is being driven in Private Mode, so drivers can be assured their privacy is being protected.

1. Maintains driver privacy

Allows employers that provide staff with company vehicles, to maintain driver privacy when the vehicle is being utilised while the driver is not at work. The official benefit is compliance with the applicable workplace surveillance privacy laws, the intangible benefit is ‘happy staff’ – which as we know makes a Fleet Manager’s job a lot easier.

2. Location of the vehicle cannot be viewed

Provides a seamless experience for the driver with both FBT and Private Mode enabled, so that when a trip is classified Private the location of the vehicle cannot be viewed in the EROAD Fleet Management portal.

3. Supports Australian legislation

Supports certain State-based workplace surveillance obligations for operators not to track drivers when they are driving outside of work hours. In some States, employers are legally obliged to not undertake tracking surveillance on an employee when they are using a company vehicle outside of work hours. Private Mode was designed to help employers meet this legal obligation. This means, when an employee turns on Private Mode, none of the vehicle’s activity will be visible in EROAD’s Depot Fleet Tracking or Reports.

EROAD Solution

EROAD created a Private Mode solution that simplifies privacy compliance.

Our single device, multiple applications just got better!

Private Mode enables drivers of company vehicles to easily inform the Ehubo2 by a button press when they are driving while not at work, so their activity is not visible in EROAD Depot for the trip.