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Fleet management solutions

EROAD solutions to help improve driver safety, operational efficiency, fleet and asset management, and aid compliance.

Safer drivers

Our unique driver facing telematics unit using advanced GPS tracking transforms driver behaviours with real-time driver coaching and data insights.

Safer drivers
Safer business

Safer businesses

The integrated driver facing unit helps simplify Chain of Responsibility obligations with proactive fleet maintenance and paperless inspections.

Improve operations

With telematics precision tracking to monitor operations, you can harness the data to improve productivity, and meet service agreements.

Improve operations
Save on your taxes

Save on your taxes

Automate Fringe Benefit Tax & Fuel Tax Credit management, reducing paperwork and guesstimates in your tax claims.

Improve asset management

Keep track of your yellow iron and smaller assets, and reduce downtime.

Improve asset utilisation
EROAD Hardware

Our customers track just about everything

Learn how EROAD’s unique driver-facing GPS tracking device helps coach your drivers to better performance and safety.