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Get immediate improvements in vehicle and driver safety, and fleet productivity, with a complete solution from the experts.

EROAD devices
38 fewer speeding events
  • Improve health, safety, driver behaviour & customer service
  • Simplify RUC compliance
  • Increase fleet productivity
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award brake fleet safety product 2018 **
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* Source: EROAD study, June 2016, across 1,344 organisations
** Awarded top Fleet Safety Product in 2018 Fleet Safety Awards



The University of Canterbury

"In the first month of using EROAD we received 7000 over speed alerts. We now see fewer than 150 a week.

As a result, I’ve seen my fuel cost drop by up to $3,000 per month, with increased utilisation and kilometres travelled by the fleet."

Ken McEwen
The University of Canterbury

McConnell Dowell

"EROAD has so far brought down our over speed events from approximately 25,000 a month to about 1200.

It’s reduced our overall fuel bill by approximately 20% and accident incident rates by 20%."

Simon Batchelor

Northland Regional Council

“We work for the community and we have to give them the best value for their dollar. Staff used to book vehicles out for a whole day instead of just the time they needed them. Now we’re using EROAD U Book-It, once a vehicle is returned to the council carpark, it checks itself in and is made available in the pool. Each booking gets coded to a costcentre, which helps us charge back kilometres travelled to the right department.

Tony Bird
Northland Regional Council