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Simplifying Compliance

A complete solution for tax, regulatory and health and safety management including electronic RUC, vehicle servicing and compliance.

A driver interface that seamlessly connects drivers to vehicles, and vehicles to dispatchers.

Automate RUC purchasing and off-road refunds; monitor maintenance, repairs and servicing; and be alerted to vehicle defects – all electronically. Reduce paperwork for your dispatchers and your drivers and increase compliance.


  • Simplifying ComplianceElectronic RUC
  • Off-road refunds
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Servicing & defect management
  • Messaging platform

Automated RUC

The EROAD system records distance travelled and locations and calculates off-road distance travelled.

Using EROAD’s payment gateway you can buy RUC licences online, 24x7. The RUC licence information is automatically sent to the screen in your vehicle for display as an approved electronic RUC licence – no paper labels required.

Our NZTA-approved system means you can safely ensure you do not overpay RUC and that you receive the RUC refunds you are entitled to. You will also have full visibility around RUC status and purchases for your entire fleet.

simplifying copliance ruc

Paperless refunds for Off-Road Usage

Monitoring off-road travel, and printing and mailing RUCOR (road user charges off-road refund) forms is complicated and time consuming. Electronic RUC automates this process, saving time and money.

Off-road travel can now be easily and accurately recorded and you can geofence public roads that are classified as off-road, enhancing your claim. MyEROAD automatically generates accurate off-road reports and allows you to electronically verify and submit your claims to NZTA, avoiding paper hassle and postage.

Fleet Servicing and Maintenance

Service Module

Maintenance and repairs are a significant component of your business expenses. Scheduling periodic and systematic vehicle inspections helps to keep on top of the health of your fleet and avoid unexpected repair bills or compromised vehicle integrity.

Schedule services based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours, and record ‘to-do’ tasks for future services. You can manage and control vehicle maintenance and repairs and ensure compliance with company, regulatory, and insurance requirements.

The EROAD system interfaces with NZ Transport Agency and delivers automatic alerts for WOF, COF and registration.

EROAD Inspect All 600x300 2021

EROAD Inspect

Track vehicle defects easily by capturing and displaying them in real time on the Defect Board — ready for you to take action.

Any items that drivers report as failed or need attention, feed straight into the defect management portal to manage and monitor repairs. The Inspect portal is a fully auditable tool to help identify when faults were reported, when they are booked in for repair and when the repair was completed.



A driver interface for Jobs, Messaging and Navigation

A key area of capability is to have a complete in-cab solution to manage compliance. EROAD delivers a number of solutions depending on the vehicle and hardware combinations you choose to have in vehicle.

simplifying Compliance driver interface

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