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We installed Drive Buddy in 70 of our trucks because we wanted to be more proactive with developing better driver behaviour. It’s really easy for our drivers because it sits in the cab and acts as a guide for them when they’re on the road. They don’t have to do anything; when they turn the truck on, Drive Buddy is on and giving them feedback.

They’re definitely more vigilant about their speeds now and it’s becoming a bit of an obsession with some of them. They’re competing with each other to be the best, so we’re now looking at an incentive programme.

When we first started getting the over speed reports, we were surprised by the number of speeding events. At first, our focus was on over speed events of 15km and up. We wanted to get rid of the red alerts, then eliminate the amber, and it’s working: we’ve seen a huge, huge decrease in speeding events since we installed Drive Buddy.

Lajanne Smith
Senior Projects Manager
NZL Group

Industry: Logistics
Company: NZL Group
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