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Golden Flow Apiaries Limited

Bryce and Sue Hooton are beekeepers and owner operators of Golden Flow Apiaries Limited. They have 1700 hives with approximately 50,000 bees in each – that’s a lot of livestock! What is unique about this couple is that Bryce is totally blind.

Bryce and Sue have adopted the EROAD system to help manage the beekeeping operations which stretch from their base in the Matamata all the way to the East Cape.

The benefits for Bryce and his wife Sue are:

  • They love the fact that they know where their staff are if they haven’t heard from them when expected.
  • If Bryce’s driver is lost he can call up Sue and receive directions to get back on track using the EROAD tracking system.
  • They can buy RUC in smaller quantities, electronically and automatically, with no need to make special trips into town and they never run out!
  • Easy off-road claims using the EROAD reporting system.
  • The electronic hubo inside the truck makes updating the logbook so easy.
  • Managing the servicing of their vehicles with the EROAD service module is a lot more efficient.

Bryce and Sue Hooton
Golden Flow Apiaries Limited

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