EROAD Inspect

Increase driver participation 

It’s frustrating for drivers if they don't know the defects they raise are being resolved. EROAD Inspect makes this easy.  

Giving drivers more
• See existing defects when inspecting a vehicle
• Real-time status of previously reported defects
• Defect specific comments from the back office

Inspect and Depot work hand in hand
• Capture defects with configurable templates
• Real-time display on the Defect Board, ready for you to take action
• Available on iOS and Android

Manage defects faster

Find everything that's failed in seconds, not hours. Inspect's Defect Board allows you to instantly see all your defects.

Streamline your communications
•  Real-time communication of defects to back office
•  Drivers and workshop have visibility of defect updates 
•  Send comments to drivers to instruct them while on the road 

Save time 
•  Instantly see what needs to be done 
•  No more chasing paper forms

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Our three-step process - Reported, Repairing, and Repaired - shows you at a glance your fleet's status and focuses you on what needs to be done

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Contact us to get started

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