Keep your vehicles safe and on the road

EROAD Inspect makes vehicle inspections easy, capturing defects with your mobile device, and providing transparent and traceable inspection information

Easy vehicle inspections

  • Front line vehicle checking by the people who know them best – your drivers
  • EROAD Inspect gives you and your drivers the ability to track vehicle defects easily by capturing and displaying them on an easy to manage visual board, ready for you to prioritise and take action.
  • Enable better communication between your back office, workshop and drivers on defects and their status.
  • Save time and money not chasing paper forms

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Two easy ways to manage vehicle inspections

  • Take instant images and send to head office with EROAD Inspect Mobile, available on iOS and Android
  • EROAD Inspect In-vehicle means you can record defects directly on the Ehubo2 in-cab device

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Identify defects early, and fix them fast

  • Full visibility of existing defects and what is being done to correct them
  • Streamline inspections and start managing defects the second they're submitted
  • Eliminate your fleets downtime by reducing the risk of breakdowns and any associated drop in productivity
  • A well-maintained fleet helps you meet health and safety compliance and minimise risk to your drivers, and the road-using public
  • Seamless integration with MyEROAD Fleet maintenance ensures your drivers can submit defects in Inspect, and you can monitor, schedule and keep track of progress towards repair

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Contact us to get started

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