The EhuboLITE is EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware for light vehicles. It is also an advanced GPS tracking unit.

EhuboLITE accurately measures distance travelled using a combination of internal and external sensors including the vehicle’s odometer pulse, GPS satellites and accelerometers.

The EhuboLITE records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data from the vehicle via the cellular network to EROAD’s web-based application, MyEROAD. 

ERD NZ HuboLite 600x300

Features and Specifications
  • Displays RUC licence for light diesel vehicles 
  • Easy install on the vehicle windscreen 
  • Seven-year design life and meets highest automotive standards 
  • LCD screen to display electronic RUC licence and distance reading 
  • LEDs to indicate power and status 
  • Modem to communicate data via the cellular network 
  • Secure tamper-proof enclosure and hardware design 
  • Three digital I/O lines for connection to external sensors and hardware devices 
  • Ability to operate in harsh transport environment in wide temperature band of -40°C to 120°C


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