Driver ID

Your drivers are a valuable resource, operating in an often demanding environment.

Monitoring individual driver performance enables you to better understand the challenges your fleet is facing on a daily basis. Changes to New Zealand health and safety legislation mean visibility into what’s happening across your fleet and drivers is more critical than ever.

EROAD’S Driver Identification unit matches vehicles with drivers by reading the bar code on the company ID card, and enables you to identify individual requirements and provide appropriate rewards or targeted training.

Driver ID is an essential tool for helping you reduce risk and improve compliance with health and safety and insurance requirements. By improving driver behaviour and vehicle utilisation you can reduce costs through improved fuel economy and increased productivity.

ERD NZ DriverID 600x300

Features and Specifications
  • Reads barcode on company ID card
  • Report on driver behaviour e.g. speed events, idling time, fuel consumption
  • Ability to identify issues and improve safety outcomes
  • Improved operational transparency of your fleet
  • Improved vehicle utilisation
  • Helps protect your ORS score


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