What is Telematics and how does it work?

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The last decade has seen a new era of connected fleets emerge with telematics technology, leading the charge and creating a whole new world of possibilities for businesses.

From managing a handful of vehicles to a substantial fleet, telematics enables businesses to optimise their operations with a continual improvement mind-set.

Telematics devices are not new – they’ve have been around for over 30 years. What is new is their advanced functionality and the way they combine data and insights to better manage fleets of all sizes and drive business success.

The use of telematics technology is increasing at an accelerating rate. It’s estimated there are now over 100 million telematics units in operation around the world.


What is Telematics?

Put simply, IVM systems like EROAD’s fleet management platform, merges telecommunications and information technology, or infomatics, together to gather a wide range of data about an individual vehicle or entire fleet. That information provides powerful insights that equips your business with the confidence to make better, more informed, data-based decisions.

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Telematics technology gives you the complete picture of your fleet

These days, telematics goes well beyond merely tracking a vehicle’s whereabouts. Everything from fuel consumption, scheduling, vehicle activity, speed and driver behaviour to vehicle location, performance and maintenance schedules can be monitored on a central, cloud-based dashboard for you.

In effect, you get a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet, its overall health, safety, compliance, profitability and productivity at the touch of a button. You can also respond to events as they happen.


Who can benefit from Telematics technology?

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With multiple benefits, telematics technology has now become part of the every-day monitoring and operations for a wide range of industries.

From construction, transport and site excavation companies to local and central government, utilities and general fleets, organisations now have a better finger on the pulse and are optimising their fleets with the power of telematics technology.

Telematics is a versatile technology that can also be used in a range of different vehicles and assets.

This includes:

  • Fleet Cars  
  • Light vans/trucks
  • Single axle trailers
  • Tractor units
  • Heavy vehicles, such as haulage trucks
  • Buses and coaches
  • Specialist vehicles, such as dump trucks, tow trucks and cement trucks.
  • On and off road assets such as diggers, mowers, graders and cranes


Here’s why thousands of businesses, of all sizes, are already using EROAD’s smart telematics platform to run their businesses better.

One Telematics platform, multiple benefits

At EROAD, we believe technology should be simple, that it should work for you and make the job of running your fleet and business easier.

EROAD’s sophisticated telematics platform goes beyond just tracking your assets. It collects the right data to provide you with a deep understanding of your business to improve productivity, enhance your safety and compliance at the same time as helping you service your customers better.

EROAD’s award-winning solution provides you with the right tools, big data and insights to help manage a range of fleet management challenges.

At the same time, it helps create a ‘safety-first’ culture and drives efficiencies across your business – all on one platform.

This includes:

  • Ensuring your fleet’s safety
  • Automating RUC and maximising your RUCOR
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency of your entire fleet
  • Monitoring and managing your driver’s locations and performance including speeding, harsh breaking and dangerous driving
  • Plan more efficient routes
  • Reducing fuel and other operating costs
  • Ensuring your fleet’s health and maintenance with regular scheduling
  • Automating time consuming manual admin processes at the touch of a button
  • Helping deliver to agreed service standards and outstanding customer service


How EROAD’s Telematics systems works

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  1. EROAD’s secure telematics device, Ehubo2, is installed in your vehicles

  2. EROAD then uses GPS tracking to record information with a high degree of accuracy such as distance travelled, location and route. It also captures data about driving style such as speed, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering.

  3. That data is stored and encrypted for security, then transmitted across the cellular network to EROAD’s central database, which is a cloud-based system called MyEROAD.

  4. MyEROAD is the central data hub that provides easy-to-understand visualisations of your fleet’s activity to help you optimise your compliance, health and safety and fleet management and maintenance

    EROAD’s cloud-based system can be accessed from any internetconnected device, including a tablet or smartphone and provides easy access by multiple users.

  5. EROAD’s smart telematics platform lets you monitor your fleet at any time and respond to events as they happen. Not only does it produce reports to make managing your fleet safer and more productive, it also allows you to manage your CoR compliance more efficiently.

One secure platform you can rely on

From heavy and light vehicles to powered and non-powered assets – our solution has all your bases covered.

Our powerful telematics is created with our customers in mind - from the driver behind the wheel to the team coordinating your fleet behind the scenes. You can rely on EROAD for accuracy, security and reliability.

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We regularly conduct independent security testing. All vehicle data collected by EROAD is confidential and remains the property of the fleet owner.

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Our solution achieves an industry-leading 99.98% service uptime. This means no business delays to you or your customers, due to EROAD’s platform.

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Confidently make decisions on data you know is right. Our hardware accurately records to within ±0.5% of distance.

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Safety in numbers

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