Six key ways telematics can make your fleet safer

Running a productive, safe and compliant fleet is fundamental to the success of your business. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also a legal obligation under New Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). If a workplace accident happens, the owners and directors of your company could also be held personally liable.

Having the right organisational culture and systems in place is essential to ensure everybody in your supply chain is aware of, and are performing to, their safety obligations. 

EROAD’s award-winning, NZ Transport Agency-approved telematics solution helps puts safety at the forefront of everything. It helps improve your safety management practices by monitoring your driver’s, vehicle’s and equipment’s performance so you can address issues quickly and also nurture a strong safety culture.

In 2019 EROAD received a Highly Commended at the Brake Fleet Safety Award acknowledging EROAD’s positive impact in creating safer drivers, vehicles and roads. 


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Better visibility, analytics and driver engagement means safer drivers and safer roads.

EROAD’s telematics platform provides you with a range of tools to enhance visibility and gain valuable insights about your fleet to help manage the safety and performance of your vehicles.

Here’s 6 ways it can enhance the safety of your fleet:

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1. Driver monitoring

The key to creating a safe and efficient driving culture is to not only monitor driver behaviour – but to also use the data and insights to make your drivers more aware of issues and coach them to be safer. 

EROAD’s award-winning telematics solution provides better visibility of your drivers and their on-road performance by bridging the gap between after-the-event management reporting and in-cab, behind-the-wheel influence on driver behaviour. 

EROAD’s Ehubo2 allows you to monitor everything from who’s in the driver’s seat, for how long and where they are as well as speed, seatbelt use and maintenance issues.

It also provides real-time coaching feedback to the driver to remedy any issues immediately. It then transmits and records the data for viewing on our desktop fleet management and reporting portal – MyEROAD. 

It also allows for two-way messaging so you can stay in touch with your drivers and provide real-time in-cab feedback and coaching to help maintain good driving habits. 

And, in those rare cases where drivers might be falsely accused of speeding or reckless driving, you can refer back to precise data on EROAD’s platform to confirm the vehicle’s speed and location at the time.

Driver accountability is shown to have a very real impact on speed and road safety.

An EROAD study found that vehicles where the driver was logged in had 50% less speed events than vehicles with no identified driver.

Source: EROAD’s ‘The Power of Accountability’

EROAD’s smart telematics platform provides you with multiple ways to enhance your driver safety and performance with its:

EROAD’s driver management software nurtures safe driving practices and safer roads by encouraging positive behavioural change. In effect, it increases driver accountability, facilitates better driving choices at the same time as allowing you to reinforce and reward good driving habits.


2. Managing driver fatigue

Ensuring your drivers work reasonable hours, aren’t held up unnecessarily and take proper breaks is essential to ensuring the safety of your fleet.

Managing driver fatigue involves recognising when fatigue events are actually happening and helping to mitigate them. It’s also important to proactively identify fatigue triggers before they occur and make sure drivers and their vehicles are safe before they even leave your depot.

EROAD electronic logbook simplifies fatigue management by monitoring the distance and time a vehicle has been running. Fleet managers can easily monitor driving time on EROAD’s desktop fleet management and reporting portal – MyEROAD. 

EROAD’s intuitive platform also helps mitigate fatigue risk through better trip planning so drivers and vehicles are safe even before they leave the depot.


3. Proactive management of vehicle maintenance 

Telematics can also play a critical role in ensuring the complete health of your fleet. Vehicle defects can result in costly delays or even impact your ORS (Operator Rating System).

EROAD’s Service and Maintenance and Inspect features gives you the ability to track and stay on top of vehicle issues easily to pre-empt problems so they can be rectified quickly before they become expensive.

You can generate reports which capture the original inspection record, along with its resolution and who actioned each item, providing solid proof of compliance with your health and safety obligations.

EROAD’s Service module also allows you to schedule services based on time lapsed, distance travelled or engine hours to ensure you’re compliant with your company, regulatory and insurance requirements. It also means you can accurately keep a complete service history archive.

EROAD’s Inspect gives you the ability to proactively track vehicle defects easily by capturing them during vehicle inspections and displaying them on the Defect Board — ready for you, or your team, to take action. Drivers can carry out a vehicle inspection by either using EROAD’s app on any mobile device or via the in-vehicle Ehubo2 device to record the actions required.

EROAD’s telematics system also directly interfaces with the NZ Transport Agency and delivers automatic alerts for WOF, COF and registration reminders.


4. Ensuring responsible mass to load constraints 

It’s also important that everyone in your supply chain is responsible for what is loaded onto a truck.

EROAD’s MyEROAD gives schedulers a single view of current and scheduled jobs combined with full vehicle details, through our Partner Gateway and integration with key job management platforms like ICOS live and MyTrucking.


5. Keeping track of your sub-contractors 

Staying across your partner activities is also imperative to maintaining a good safety record.

EROAD’s Share provides you with the ability to share information with sub-contractors and other businesses up and down your supply chain, so you have visibility of their vehicles too.

This means you can proactively manage your sub-contractors to ensure they are meeting the same high standards you expect from your own drivers, as well as your duty of care obligations.

"We now have the same level of visibility across our owner driver fleet as we do of our company fleet and can now better manage all their compliance. We thought we were good and now, with EROAD Share across the fleet, we know we are good."

Barry Raymond, 
CEO, Freightlines


6. Speed 

EROAD Max Speed Alert »
EROAD Max Speed Alerts allows you to take swift action to address excessive speed, protecting your business, your drivers, and the public. Real-time speeding notifications help you maintain your ORS rating, avoid the costly impact of an on-road incident and support driver training and incentive programs.

EROAD Over Speed Dashboard
ROAD Over Speed Dashboard shows events and trends at vehicle, driver and fleet level, helping you improve health and safety, reduce costs, and minimise liability.

EROAD Virtual Speed CameraEROAD Virtual Speed Camera
EROAD’s Virtual Speed Camera helps to keep the public and your drivers safe by enabling you to set custom speed limits around high risk locations. Geofence key areas of risk such as your depot or local schools and receive notifications in real time if one of your drivers exceeds a speed limit you’ve set. Protect your safety record, reputation and bottom line.

EROAD Posted SpeedEROAD Posted Speed
Telematics devices have traditionally enabled companies to track speed against open road speed limits. EROAD has taken that one step further by tracking against posted speed limits and making driving event data available to fleet managers via an online portal. EROAD Posted Speed delivers real-time driver coaching in all speed zones – empowering drivers to make better driving choices based on road network data.


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