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EROAD Ehubo1 is electronic distance recorder, competitively priced to meet the needs of your fleet. It is installed in the vehicle and records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network to our web–based application, MyEROAD.

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Key Benefits

  • Easy RUC management
    Manage and purchase RUC online, 24x7, with licences displayed electronically on the Ehubo1 screen – no paper labels required
  • Accurate fleet tracking
    Accurately measures distance travelled, using a combination of internal and external sensors including the vehicle’s odometer pulse, GPS satellites and accelerometers
  • Improve profitability
    Eliminates the costs of vehicle downtime caused by mechanical hubodometer failures or expired RUC licences

Ditch the hubo

When you need to replace a mechanical hubodometer, vehicle downtime is a significant business interruption. Hubodometers have annual failure rates of 100% because they are rigidly mounted on an axle, with the tyre being the only protection from road shocks. Hubodometers can increase distance recorded by upwards of 7% because of tyre wear and in excess of 10% from faulty operation.

EROAD electronic distance recorders overcome these problems and are approved by NZ Transport Agency as replacements for mechanical hubodometers. We offer a choice of electronic distance recorders to meet the needs of your fleet.

EROAD Ehubo1 is an NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic distance recorder for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. It measures distance travelled with a high degree of accuracy and captures location, route and operational data from the vehicle.

Ehubo1 interface with the EROAD web application, MyEROAD, allowing you to view and monitor your vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. MyEROAD is home to a range of powerful tools and insightful reports, all designed to help you improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

Manage all your vehicles and assets – light, heavy and equipment – in one web browser, to improve operational transparency and enhance control.

NZ Products Robbie Linehaul

"Seven times out of ten when you have a wheel change, the hubodometer gets knocked out. The cost of replacing it is one thing. Then you have to get a refund from NZTA. Then go and buy a new one. That’s all downtime for me and my vehicles.

I’m a very busy person. EROAD’s saved me time and money. It’s made my business more cost effective and more manageable."

Robbie Allen
Robbie's Linehaul 


  • NZ Transport Agency approved electronic distance recorder
  • Located on the cab windscreen
  • Ministry of Transport–approved
  • Accurately records distance within ±0.5%
  • Seven-year design life and meets highest automotive standards
  • LCD screen to display the unique serial number, distance recorded in kilometres, and operating status
  • LCD screen to display electronic RUC licence
  • LEDs to indicate power status and tamper/ fault events
  • Secure tamper-proof enclosure and hardware design
  • Modem to communicate data via Vodafone GPRS cellular network
  • Ability to operate in harsh transport environment in wide temperature band of -40°C to 120°C 

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