EROAD Electronic Logbook

EROAD’s NZ Transport Agency-approved Electronic Logbook is a powerful and intuitive tool on an Android mobile device. Real-time access to drivers’ logbook information on a web-based platform enables you to take immediate preventative action.

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Key Benefits

  • Driver friendly
    User friendly interface encourages drivers to take proactive approach to managing their own time
  • Eliminates paperwork headaches
    Drivers no longer need to waste time on paperwork, and can focus on what they’re paid to do - driving
  • Manage risk
    Lowers risk of accidental non-compliance with work and rest time rules by alerting drivers when they’re ready for a rest break or at risk of violation
  • Reduce stress
    Secure, accurate logbook records make roadside inspections easy

Time to ditch the paper logbook

Paper logbooks are prone to mistakes and missing information, which exposes you to poor ORS ratings from driver violations. Not only is administering paper logbooks a costly exercise; it makes it difficult for you to keep on top of your drivers’ hours and ensure compliance.

EROAD Electronic Logbook is a powerful and intuitive tool on an Android mobile device that will modernise your business and reduce your drivers’ paperwork obligations.

Simplify your record keeping by accessing your driver logbook reports in real time on EROAD’s secure web platform, Depot. Take away the guesswork and manage driver fatigue and work scheduling based on actual hours per day, and export the data to your payroll system.


  • Intuitive application for drivers to capture, view and annotate driver records using a secure authenticated login
  • Automatic visual and sound alerts that assist drivers to comply with logbook rules and regulations
  • A logbook specific module on the web platform to access and store drivers’ records securely to meet record keeping requirements
  • Ability to view and monitor total hours for the work day and work period to manage fatigue and work schedules
  • Ability to display and email logbook data to support roadside inspections as required
  • NZ Transport Agency-approved electronic logbook
  • Select your own work week start

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